WhatsApp brings more functions to edit images

The application is developing a series of novelties for the photo editor.

All the sections of WhatsApp are being renewed little by little and one of the points for which new features are being prepared is the photo editor, to which functions would be added.

WABetaInfo informs that in the beta version for Android a series of novelties are being tested to add details to this section, especially in what has to do with the texts that can be added.

Modifications in the photo editor

The first big change is in the new font selection interface, very similar to the one available on Instagram, placing an options bar on the keyboard and removing the button in the upper right corner where the modification was made. This would facilitate the choice of users.

Along with this, the option to easily align the text to one of the two sides or to the center is added and there is better control in editing. In addition, the possibility of changing the background of the text will be added to highlight some words or give greater breadth to the design options.

The application is developing a series of novelties for the photo editor.
The application is developing a series of novelties for the photo editor.

Other news for the editor are the addition of new pencils and a blur tool. All this is still in the testing phase, so it is not known when it will reach other users.

This shows that WhatsApp wants to continue expanding the tools that users have in all its sections, taking advantage of the functions that it already has in its other applications.

Let’s remember that some time ago the application made several modifications in photo editing, giving news such as the possibility of adding stickers, making strokes, adding filters and more.

More news that WhatsApp prepares

In addition to these additions to the photo editor, the application is testing other areas. One of them is the possibility of having vibration when sending reactions.

This type of interaction was added last year and to prevent users from making mistakes when sending the emoji, the platform will perform a different vibration for each one and thus there will be less margin for error. An option that can be turned on or off.

The application is developing a series of novelties for the photo editor.
The application is developing a series of novelties for the photo editor.

The developers are also evaluating taking the voice notes to the states, so that people share content in this format in a duration of 30 seconds. The operation would be very similar to sending audio in a chat, by holding down the button and leaving a comment in this section of the application, which will be deleted 24 hours later.

Finally, they are testing a new setting to send high-quality photos. The new option will add a gear icon when sending a photo, located at the top of the interface. Pressing it will give access to a new ‘image quality’ menu and there the boxes will appear for the user to choose if they want to reduce the size of the content or send it with the original.

The difference that this addition has with the function that is already available is that it allows sending in high quality for a specific image and for the chat at that moment, and not for everything that is sent in any conversation.

This addition will be of great help to all users, especially those who use WhatsApp as a work tool and through chat they share images and photographs with other people, but due to the current conditions of the application the content ends up losing quality, which is later reflected in issues of editing or publication on social networks.

All these new features are in the testing phase in the beta version of the messaging application, so it is not clear when they will arrive for all users.