WhatsApp changed its style and has a new letter, so you can get it

The application is making changes to the default font type.

WhatsApp It is constantly being updated by adding features, improving the system, and making cosmetic changes, like the latest one that modifies the default font of the app.

Goal confirmed to infobae that “indeed there was a small change in the font”, something that is being implemented little by little in all devices Android Y iOS in various sections of the platform.

The application is making changes to the default font type.
The application is making changes to the default font type.

Sections such as the names of the Chats, States and Calls feeds now have a different style, something that expands to other options such as when sending a file, in the contact list and when deleting a message.

The company assured that it does not have more details to confirm at this time, so it is not known when it will reach all users. So the only way to know about the change, for now, is by keeping the application updated; a process that is done automatically or that is done from the digital stores as Google Play Store Y App Store.

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The application is making changes to the default font type.WhatsApp-changed-its-style-and-has-a-new-letter-so.jpg” width=”1216″ />
The application is making changes to the default font type.

WhatsApp suggests how to save storage

Another modification that is on the way is a tip that the application makes so that users do not fill their cell phones with content generated on the platform, since it creates backups of the images, videos, audios and messages sent and received.

This is not a new feature as such, but rather a message that appears when you go to the Storage & data option. There will be a tip for people to set temporary messages as a form of storage optimization.

The tool allows you to customize the frequency with which messages are deleted in chats, giving you options to choose in which conversations you want to implement them and under what time range the deletion will take place, be it 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

Also, it is something very functional for multimedia files that under the standard format will always create a copy that is saved on the phone, but if the temporary messages option is activated, these documents will be deleted, as long as the temporary messages option is not enabled. automatic download.

The hint message has not been rolled out to all users, rather it is in the beta version of the app for Androidso it is a small group of people who have made this novelty known.

WhatsApp added to that tip a direct link to set up temporary messages, but these can also be enabled by going to Settings or Settings, then Privacy > Default Duration and selecting a duration.

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With these steps, users will be able to switch between applications without losing chat and file information.
The app is implementing new features to change the font type and suggest storage optimization.

Other WhatsApp news

The intricacies of creating a chat with yourself are over, before you had to create a group and eliminate the other people to have it, but now the application has a tool that makes the process easier and more direct.

To open this chat the process is as follows:

– Open WhatsApp.

– Go to the chat button on the inside right.

– There the list of contacts will open and at the top the options to create a new group or community will appear, just below that our contact will appear with the current profile photo, the name and a ‘(You)’ to indicate that it’s about your own chat,

– Click on that chat.

– A conversation will open like any other and you only have to send a first message to create it.

This process must be done only once, unless the chat is deleted, because when it is created it will appear in the initial feed along with the rest of the conversations.

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