WhatsApp: how to block a contact without him realizing it

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service (Photo: Twitter)

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging platform allows, among other things, send stickers, make video calls, be part of groups and block contacts when these are annoying.

In the latter case, the person may realize that he was blocked because he can no longer see the status or profile photo of his contact, as he was unable to establish communication.

Yes OK block someone It is an action that can be reversed at any time, it is possible that there are those who wish not to have contact with a person again and at the same time that they do not know that they were blocked. Therefore, they can stop receiving notifications of that person without knowing.

How to block someone without their knowledge

The trick to stop receiving notifications, calls and more than one contact, is doing the following simple steps that do not require downloading an extra application:

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WhatsApp allows you to block contacts (Photo: Archive / dpa) (Christoph Dernbach /)

-First you must enter the WhatsApp app.

-Then you must choose the contact in question.

-Subsequently, the option must be selected silence and forever found in the upper right tab.

-Finally, to no longer see it in the chats you can delete conversation or file.

With these steps, even if the person continues to send messages, try to make voice or video calls, their notifications will not arrive since they will be silenced forever and they will not know that they were discreetly blocked either.

A Colombian spends an average of 9 hours and 10 minutes a day on the internet.  Photo: Pixabay.
People can communicate on WhatsApp (Photo: Pixabay) (Pixabay /)

This method can help those who want to avoid further problems with their contact and, at the same time, no longer want to know anything about them after an event occurred that led them to make that decision. Although officially this formula is not a lock, its purpose and use is the same, giving the person can rest from an annoying touch.

How to know if someone blocked me

The photo

The main alert is the image, since when blocking, the user’s profile photo cannot be displayed. Although there is also the option that the person has entered the settings so that only certain contacts can see their photo.

Two popcorn

One more sign that should be considered is that when sending a message only a popcorn appears; however, sometimes it could mean that there are problems with connectivity.

A call

If you want to check this situation, the ideal would be to make a call; If an error signal appears when you do this, it is most likely that it has been blocked.

WhatsApp continues to be popular despite the continuous drops registered in its service (Photo: WhatsApp)
WhatsApp continues to be popular despite the continuous drops registered in its service (Photo: WhatsApp) (OFFICIAL WHATSAPP /)

Join a closed WhatsApp group

One more way to know if they have been blocked is to add the user to a group. The answer will be revealed immediately when the platform does not allow access to the contact.

Last connection

Although WhatsApp You have the option to change the last connection time through settings, you can also realize that you have been blocked because the phrase “online” of the other person will not appear.

According to the messaging app, the blocking idea was designed as a user protection measure, so the way to confirm this action is by calling or sending messages to the other person, as well as reviewing all the aforementioned points. In case you continue to see the profile photo but cannot call or send messages, it is that it was muted and archived.

WhatsApp was acquired in the year 2014 by popular social media service Facebook, recently unified as Goal, company created and founded by the programmer and entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg. On several occasions the intentions to unify their platforms have been made known; The purpose is that users interact with each other without distinction and improve the marketing potential globally.


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