WhatsApp: how to pass the text of an image to send it as a message

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WhatsApp is launching a new function that allows the detection of texts in images and that can be manipulated by users. users of the application as messages in a conversation.

According to Web page official of WABetaInfowhich reported on the arrival of this update to the specific beta version for devices with iOS operating systemit can be displayed in the form of a button located in the lower right part of the images that are sent within the application.

This new feature that now begins its phase of beta testing it might not even be available to those people who are part of the program TestFlight of Manzana that allows testing new versions of applications because being new, it would only be tested on selected devices and its availability would be increased once more performance data is collected from the update.

New function will allow to detect texts in images.  (WABetaInfo)
New function will allow to detect texts in images. (WABetaInfo)

How text detection works in WhatsApp

detection of texts in pictures inside application of messages uses a tool within the operating system iOS 16 to generate the identification of the words included within an image. As seen in the WABetaInfo screenshot, this feature allows the selection of texts to be copied, searched in the default browser, translated in addition to other options Dedicated only for texts.

The blue icon in the lower right part of the image in the form of framed text is the indicator that the system of the device has been able to detect text within the image. Even though WhatsApp be the platform that offers this feature to users.

The truth is that the function is not specific to the application but takes advantage of a function within the devices of Manzana so it is unlikely that this feature will be developed for future beta updates for android cell phones because not all devices with this operating system will be able to correctly execute this function or even have access to it.

Search message by date in WhatsApp.  (photo: WAbetaInfo)
Search message by date in WhatsApp. (photo: WAbetaInfo)

Other WhatsApp features in development

In addition to text detection in images on devices iOSanother update that is expected to reach users’ cell phones is the ability to search for text messages within the application using the date Shipping. This feature that was in beta testing since last year.

Currently the application only allows the search of text messages sent or received by their content, but this new function could include a button inside of search bar that allows the deployment of a calendar in which you can specify an exact date within which you can return to search for a message.

In addition, the platform Messenger service has also started the development of an additional function that will allow the editing of messages from text that have been sent for a period of up to 15 minutes. Once that limit is exceeded, the messages will become permanent and the only option to edit them will be to delete them from the conversation and send them again.

Editing messages on WhatsApp is available for the beta version of the application.  (WABetaAInfo)
Editing messages on WhatsApp is available for the beta version of the application. (WABetaAInfo)

For now, it has been incorporated label edited next to the modified message, but it is unknown if it will create a history of changes or if the users will be notified about editing the message as if a new one had arrived.

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