WhatsApp implements QR codes to synchronize conversations with other devices

Users will be able to log in within the application on cell phones and tablets without having to log in to them. (photo: iProfessional)

From the second half of 2022 WhatsApp started development of new features that would allow the login of an account in more than one device which could also include a version for tablets and that it would facilitate access to complete conversations with capabilities of synchronization.

As reported by the Web page WABetaInfo official, this new WhatsApp feature entered its first test phase dedicated exclusively to devices Android under the name of “Complementary mode”, which allows you to link a secondary device to an existing account within the application through a QR code.

This update, which is available to some users who are part of the beta testing program of WhatsApp of Play Storeenables an additional screen where a code can be viewed for scanning similar to the one used to enter the web version of the application from any computer desktop or laptop.

WhatsApp function to synchronize conversations on other devices using a QR code.  (WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp function to synchronize conversations on other devices using a QR code. (WABetaInfo)

According to information of the page, the process for linking a second device It has a process similar to that of a web link. For this, users must enter the application on the primary device and follow these steps:

– Press the button Menu in the shape of three points located in the upper right part of the screen.

– Enter the option paired devices.

– Press the button pair device.

– After you have entered this function, the phone will show a window of scan of QR code with which you should point to the screen of the second device. This can be a second cell phone or a tablet that has already downloaded the app from WhatsApp from your store Applications.

Synchronization with other devices in WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)
Synchronization with other devices in WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)

– After a few seconds of waiting, users will be able to see on the screen of the new device a message indicating that the content of the application on both devices are syncing.

To facilitate the option of scanning the QR code on secondary devices such as tabletsusers will need to download the app from that device and perform the same steps as bonding of a device as if it were the web version from the platform. The platform developers team is working on enabling access to the application since Play Store instead of having to use the browser to access it as if it were the version of desk.

Although the launching official of this feature on the platform WhatsApp globally it hasn’t been made official yet, but the beta test launch of this feature is significant progress. Users can expect a testing phase on devices of Manzana prior to its authorization in all devices compatible, something that could be expected at least during this year as it is an expected feature for the 2023.

Editing messages on WhatsApp is available for the beta version of the application.  (WABetaAInfo)
Editing messages on WhatsApp is available for the beta version of the application. (WABetaAInfo)

What news could come to the application this year

Another function that can be expected for WhatsApp during this year is the capacity of edit messages that were already sent within a maximum period of 15 minutes after being received by the contact. At the moment, an “Edited” label has already been developed next to the messages that were modified.

It is also planned to launch the function of message search by date sent instead of searching for exact words within in-app conversations.

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