WhatsApp launches voice status sharing feature

Voice recordings are generated in a similar way to what is done in the application’s personal conversations. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/ (Dado Ruvic/)

whatsapp has a new update of your system which allows users to post statuses using voice recordings, just like in a private chat.

The new feature is not much different from the regular feature of posting state to which all users currently have access.

The update It consists of a new button in the shape of a microphone to the status section screen in the lower right part; and the appearance of a mini player speech bubble (similar to speech bubble) conversation in a chat) in the central part of the screen, once the recorded condition.

WhatsApp will allow the publication of voice states from the application.  (WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp will allow the publication of voice states from the application. (WABetaInfo)

To verify access to this feature, users can follow the same steps to generate a status of text and check if it appears button extra.

In addition, the new microphone button can be held down to record a state of voice just as it is done to send a voice message in any conversation.

The voice states have no differences from their versions of text: they can be removed before posting if the user is not comfortable with the result, they are automatically removed after posting 24 hours of publication and can be deleted prematurely.

Are publications will be encrypted, so it is possible to select which people will be able to listen to the audio and no one else can.

The only requirement to access this type of content is that the contacts have the latest version of the beta of the compatible application for iOSalthough some users of Android You can already access it, also in its beta test version from Google Play Store.

At the moment the new function of states of WhatsApp remains as a feature betabut it is already rolling out to more users, so people with a device iOS they could access it in the following weeks or months as there is no exact launch date globally.

People with an iOS device could access the new WhatsApp feature in the coming weeks or months.  REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
People with an iOS device could access the new WhatsApp feature in the coming weeks or months. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly (ANDREW KELLY/)

Some users of Android you can already see a “Hold to record” label when entering the compose status option, but the new button does not appear, so they will have to wait longer for the evoice states appear for them.

New video recording feature

Another of the new functions that the application of Goal is developing for users consists of an exclusive feature of the function of the users’ camera that differentiates between sections dedicated exclusively to the capture of Photos and those that are solely to the images in the form of video.

The Web page of WABetaInfo indicates that the application has begun to show a different section for capturing images in which it specifically differentiates between the Photos that are currently taken and those that can be taken from the messaging platform, the application also establishes a difference between both types of contents.

WhatsApp app to take pictures.  (WhatsApp)
WhatsApp app to take pictures. (WhatsApp)

When activating the camera function directly from the devices, users will have the ability to choose between two types of capture form. According to Web page: one will be dedicated to photographs and another to videos just as it is done on cell phones Manzana and in any other application that makes a difference between both forms of content multimedia.

This function is also in developingso it does not have a specific release date and its arrival on the global version of the platform could take a few months during the 2023 or delay your access until 2024.

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