WhatsApp lets you block any conversation from notifications

WhatsApp block contacts. (Xataka)

A new update of the beta version of WhatsApp for devices Android will allow people to block any contact with a single button and without having to enter the applicationbut this action could be performed from the notifications that appear in the screen Of the device.

The new functionality, which has been deployed for people who are part of the Program test beta of Google Play Storeenables a third button within the notifications of the application. While currently you can see the “reply” and “mark as read”, this new version adds that of “to block”.

This would allow to block unwanted contacts WhatsApp directly without the need to select a conversationbut a single command can be executed directly to speed up the task in case it has to be done in more than one conversation and you don’t want to enter the application to start the blocking process.

WhatsApp enables a button to block conversations in the notifications of the application.  (WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp enables a button to block conversations in the notifications of the application. (WABetaInfo)

According to the WABetaInfo website, this new action button will not be enabled by the system of the application in all scenarios, since it exposes users to accidentally blocking a contact they do want to talk to. The blockade from notifications It will only be an option available in case the user receives a message from a Contact unknown.

The new one function put to the test by the team of developers of the Meta application add up with this update a total of two blocking options without the need to enter the conversations and a possible third way of blocking within the platform. Currently, this action can only be performed by entering the details of the chat with each Contactwhether known or not.

However, in the first days of the year they are developing: blocking by multiple selection in the options conversation management and the aforementioned blocking option from notifications.

WhatsApp allows you to block contacts from the contact details window in the application.  (Capture/Infobae)
WhatsApp allows you to block contacts from the contact details window in the application. (Capture/Infobae)

Although WhatsApp is in the process of developing of new ways of blockingso far it has not been indicated if the blocking option included within the details of each conversation will remain as an active feature or will be removed from the platform due to the inclusion of new buttons included in the platform.

New way to search for messages in WhatsApp

One of the new options expected in the application of Goal by 2023 consist of the qualification of a new message search method that takes into account the date shipping text instead of its content.

Search message by date in WhatsApp.  (photo: WAbetaInfo)
Search message by date in WhatsApp. (photo: WAbetaInfo)

This feature, which was reported by the Web page WABetaInfo is in the process of beta testing the exclusive version of the application for devices that use the operating system iOSso the users of Android so far they can’t access this function.

When entering a conversation any within the application, users will be able to enter the options menu of the chat and select the search option messages. Once the keyboard is activated to enter the text that you want to search for, a special icon in the form of a calendar.

By pressing this new button, users will deactivate the keyboard and instead a carousel of dates and years will appear in which you can select the exact day within which you want to search for the record of the conversations.

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