WhatsApp: new update will allow you to react to messages as in Messenger

Soon you will be able to react to WhatsApp messages (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration /) (Dado Ruvic /)

It is anticipated that in the near future a new update to WhatsApp Which will allow react to messages within chats, similar to its sister platforms, Instagram and Facebook.

The information about the update was revealed by WABetaInfo, which pointed out that users will even be able to activate or deactivate the notifications of reactions in their messages.

It’s about the version that can be found within the Google Play beta program, and if it is not there you can download the apk from APK Mirror. In this the user can activate and deactivate the reactions in messages; in the latter case to avoid excessive notifications.

It should be noted that it is a trial version that may not be available or not allow to react to chat messages. At the moment, there is no official release date, nor is it known if the update will arrive by region or globally.

(Photo: WABetaInfo)

Another detail is that the option, although now it is being developed for devices with Android, and has the option of the Google beta program, it will also reach those who have an operating system ios.

It is estimated that like the Instagram and Facebook chats, which already allow you to react, you can make use of the emojis by pressing the message for a few seconds and there choose any of the options that can be laughter, anger, sadness, among others .

Reactions on Facebook were activated since February 2016, which emerged as an extension of “I like”, providing users with more options to express themselves about a post. Later it was enabled for messaging on Messenger.

In 2020, Goal brought “The Best of Messenger” to Instagram, which meant implementing features like forwarding a message, customizing chat themes and colors, as well as reacting with custom emojis.

(Photo: WABetaInfo)

How to block someone without their knowledge

The trick to stop receiving notifications, calls and more than one contact, is doing the following simple steps that do not require downloading an extra application:

-First you must enter the WhatsApp app.

-Then you must choose the contact in question.

-Subsequently, the option must be selected silence and forever found in the upper right tab.

-Finally, to no longer see it in the chats you can delete conversation or file.

facebook reactions
Reactions available in Messenger (Photo: Meta)

With these steps, even if the person continues to send messages, try to make voice or video calls, their notifications will not arrive since they will be silenced forever and they will not know that they were discreetly blocked either.

This method can help those who want to avoid further problems with their contact and, at the same time, no longer want to know anything about them after an event occurred that led them to make that decision. Although officially this formula is not a lock, its purpose and use is the same, since the person can rest from annoying contact.

WhatsApp was acquired in 2014 by popular social media service Facebook, recently unified as Goal, company created and founded by the programmer and entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg. On several occasions the intentions to unify their platforms have been made known; The purpose is that users interact with each other without distinction and improve the marketing potential globally.


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