WhatsApp plans to add new search criteria for unread chats

WhatsApp logo. (photo: Addictions)

Over the years, the need for WhatsApp count on a efficient search engine that allows its users to find any message that we have sent or received over time.

Therefore, search engines need a lot more improvements than they are now, especially since the company itself wants them to the messaging app to become a top-tier sales platform.

WhatsApp BusinessIn addition, it has the peculiarity that the companies and businesses that use it will be exposed to a multitude of users who, in most cases, will not be registered in their agenda, so it is more important to have an exclusive search engine to get to those chats that suddenly turn out to be suitable for a potential request.

WABetaInfo, a page specialized in the latest WhatsApp news, found in the beta versions of iPhone a new set of criteria when selecting a conversation in which you can find all kinds of messages; be it text messages, pictures, videos, voice memos or attachments.

In this way, the option of reaching various messages and thus having the possibility of finding what you are looking for in less time.

New search criteria in WhatsApp for unread messages.  (photo: WABetaInfo)
New search criteria in WhatsApp for unread messages. (photo: WABetaInfo)

What WhatsApp Business has done is add three filters to find any type of content (such as those mentioned above) in the user’s chats that are in the phone’s agenda, that a specific contact is not registered and even that these chats have not yet been opened.

Everything, with the idea that don’t miss an important question to respond to a potential customer who wants to buy the product that the company offers.

Although the photo is used in the Business version of WhatsApp, it makes sense that the news also appears in the search engine of the standard application, that billions of people use every day.

Finally, there are countless conversations that over time, and when we erase our agenda, are still conversations without specified contact and just showing up as a phone number that we can’t recognize with the naked eye.

It only remains to hope that Goal decide to implement this novelty on the WhatsApp that everyone uses every day in their smartphones.

WhatsApp logo.  (photo: Jason Alden)
WhatsApp logo. (photo: Jason Alden) (Jason Alden /)

WhatsApp will have an exclusive update for iOS

Goal, WhatsApp’s parent company continues to work on its updates and this time it is focused on notifications that users receive from ios.

In the coming months, the platform will launch a new version for users to users of Manzana may see your profile picture in your notifications who is sending them a message. Until now they only saw the name or number of the contact.

This modality is already activated in Android, WhatsApp Web and on other platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Among others, that when the notification is sent, they show the profile image so that the user can quickly identify who is sending them messages.

image whatsapp
(Photo: WABetaInfo)

The Beta was launched this January 4, available on some devices with iOS 15. When this test phase ends, it will progressively reach everyone like the version of the app.

That way, instead of the WhatsApp icon appearing to the left of the message, as it currently happens, there will be a profile photo inside the contact’s circle.


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