WhatsApp promises a new function to speed up any audio, as it was already done with voice notes

File photo. | Credit: Christoph Dernbach / dpa (Christoph Dernbach /)

WhatsApp continues to be the most used instant messaging application in the world to date, with more than 2,000 million users, the Meta app surpasses other important social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and other similar services such as Telegram.

The messaging leader constantly delivers to the community a series of changes or updates that seek to facilitate the experience, some are better received than others, however, all of them give something to talk about.

One of the last functions that WhatsApp has configured during this year, is the possibility that users can modify the speed of reproduction of voice notes, a function that will have a new interesting addition.

Currently, the function to accelerate voice notes, allows users to click on the icon “1x”, in this way the playback speed of voice notes will change to 1.5x or 2x (twice the normal speed of playback), having the possibility to return to the original speed. Nevertheless, the function is currently limited to voice memos, that is, not all the audio files received within the application and that is precisely what the messaging application seeks to modify.

File photo.  |  Credit: Whatsapp
File photo. | Credit: Whatsapp (WHATSAPP /)

WhatsApp will allow you to modify the speed of any audio file

Nowadays, when we forward a voice memo or attach a song or other audio format, it will be sent as a generic audio file., that is, since it is not a voice memo as such, the function to change the playback speed is not available for that particular file.

Nevertheless, After this last change, the users of the application will be able to modify the playback speed of any audio file within WhatsApp.

Although the number of voice notes is greater compared to the audio files we receive, it is very common that we forward voice notes, which appear in the new chat as a generic audio file, well, now the users who have In a hurry or for any other reason, they will be able to change the playback speed of these types of files, a function that will be well received within the community.

Currently, WhatsApp has started to introduce this feature only in beta versions of iOSHowever, it is expected that later it will reach the Android operating system to finally be available in the version of all devices that have the updated application.


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