WhatsApp Web adds a new security feature

WhatsApp Web’s new security feature prevents single-use images from being opened from the app

WhatsApp continues to implement improvements in its security to improve the user experience in its application and in this way, greater privacy can be provided for the content shared in the messaging app.

An example of these tools are self-destructing photos, which were implemented a few months ago.

This function allows the sending of images that can only be seen once and then disappear forever.

Very similar to the mechanics of Instagram, with the only difference that these do not have a certain duration for them to be seen, but rather they are for a single use and when you close them they are destroyed forever. But the novelty is that now you will only have the option to open the images from your cell phone, so if someone had your WhatsApp Web open, these people would be unable to see the shared content.

WhatsApp Web is now more secure

Therefore, when you receive these single-use images and you are on your computer or WhatsApp Web application, nothing will happen if you click on the image and instead, by default, it will ask you to open it from your cell phone.

The message that will appear when trying to open the photo from the browser will be “You have received a message that can only be viewed once. To improve your privacy, you can only open it on your phone.”