WhatsApp will allow group administrators to delete the messages they want

WhatsApp would allow group administrators to delete messages. (photo: Half-time)

The option to delete sent messages appeared in WhatsApp in mid-2017 and has since become a staple feature for users of the messaging app. Over the months, the platform has improved with features like temporary messages. And now the app seems to be gearing up to get another option for group leaders.

Through WhatsApp Beta, WABetaInfo has discovered a new functionality in development and has managed to enable it to give us the first screenshots of a function that surely, it will be well seen by group administrators: they will be able to delete any message.

Administrators in groups will have more power in WhatsApp

Everything indicates that in early 2022, the popular messaging platform will add this new way of moderating groups, allowing administrators to delete any messages that have been sent to group chat.

With this future innovation, administrators will be able to maintain more order in their groups by being able to discard unwanted messages, or messages that fall outside the group’s rules or topics.

Group administrator in WhatsApp deletes message from another user.  (photo: WABetaInfo)
Group administrator in WhatsApp deletes message from another user. (photo: WABetaInfo)

As you can see in the screenshot, for messages deleted by the administrator, the text “This message has been deleted by the administrator” will appear without indicating who deleted it. Based on WABetaInfo testing, Administrators will also be able to delete messages from other administrators.

This feature was seen in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android released so far. Therefore, you will not have to wait too long to access it in its stable version.

But that is not all, WhatsApp seems to want to extend the time we have to delete a message. At first it seemed like the 4,096 second delay would be removed, but in the WhatsApp Desktop source code it appears to be it will extend to seven days and eight minutes.

Message deleted correctly with the Android cell phone trick.  (photo: Official Press)
Message deleted correctly with the Android cell phone trick. (photo: Official Press)

How to send photos and videos to contacts so that they are seen only once and are not saved on the cell phone

To add more chat security, WhatsApp you have the option of Single View. As its name implies, it helps users to make their photos or videos they can only be seen for only one occasion.

With this, the content cannot be saved by default on the recipients’ devices and will be automatically removed, only after having seen each other. It also helps to manage the memory of the devices since it does not fill the storage space.

How to activate Single View

Before continuing it is recommended download the latest version of WhatsApp available for your device in the official app store of Google or Manzana. Once you have it, you must do what we explain below:

-Before sending a photography or video in a chat look at the bottom, next to the writing space, a number 1 within a circle.

-Once located you must press it.

-When I do WhatsApp It will notify you that the file has been set to view once.

-Then you can send the file with the arrow on the side.

08-04-2021 'Unique visualization' in temporary messages RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY WHATSAPP
04-08-2021 ‘Unique visualization’ in temporary messages RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY WHATSAPP (WHATSAPP /)

With these simple steps the file you sent It can only be seen by the recipient once. However, it is to be remembered that screenshots or screen recording can still be taken and this cannot be known.

When the other person has seen the content, the platform will notify them with the legend “Opened” Y two blue popcorn in the space where the file was. Also, if the photo or video does not open in a within 14 days from the moment it was sent to you, the file will disappear from the chat.


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