WhatsApp will allow you to create states only with your voice

Voice messages would arrive in WhatsApp states with a duration of 30 seconds. (photo: Addictions)

A new update of the messaging application WhatsAppwhich is currently in the process of developingcould allow people to post been using only the voice.

This new version of the application for devices Androidknown as, is not yet available to users with access to the beta testing by WhatsApp. However, you can already see what the user interface would be.

In principle, there is not much difference between the current way of publishing states in the platform and what would this look like function specific. The most noticeable difference is that when accessing the window from where the status text is usually written, a button is enabled to perform a voice note within WhatsApp.

Voice statuses in WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)
Voice statuses in WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)

If a person wants to broadcast a voice status, they can choose the background color that you want to have on the screen during the audio playback published, which is shown in the form of a bubble that has a play button inside it, as well as a progress bar that will indicate the duration of the message.

In addition, this publication will be reproduced automatically once any contact enters the state published by the Usernamewhich can only have a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

Avatars on WhatsApp

While the applications of Instagram Y Facebookboth social networks developed by Goalthey already enabled the option to create virtual avatars For users of those platforms, WhatsApp will also give this possibility to people who want it.

This function is already inside the files of the app messaging, but has not yet been released to users, although it has been possible to reveal what these avatars would look like. To create one, it will not be necessary to use a photo as a reference, but people who wish to have it will be able to personalize his appearance entirely.

Avatars on Instagram.  (photo: All Digital)
Avatars on Instagram. (photo: All Digital)

During the creation of a virtual avatar people will be able to determine not only the color of hair, skin and eyes of their virtual ‘I’, but they will also be able to choose skin tones, hair style and color, way of dressing, body type, eye shape, lips and face, marks or features of the face, glasses, hearing aids, accessories such as caps and hats, among others.

These virtual representations of people may be used as stickers within the application, in addition to having the possibility of being located as profile picture on the platform so that it can be seen by the user’s contacts.

Also, one of the Applications of these avatars that could be seen, according to the Xataka website, is the possibility of making video calls using this virtual avatar.

Search messages on WhatsApp

On the other hand, one new feature which is currently in beta phase for users of WhatsApp in the operating system iOS from Apple, is to search for text messages on the platform using the date it was received as a reference instead of a word.

whatsapp update
WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)

The app update for these devices allows, when accessing the function of message search in a conversation, you can see an icon in the upper right part of the keyboard in the shape of calendar. By clicking on it, a new window will be displayed in which users can enter a day, month and year in which they want to search for a message.

Currently none of these functions are available to users and it is not known exactly when they will be released publicly, but they could be integrated into the list of features of WhatsApp versions for iOS and Android in the next updates of the application.


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