WhatsApp will allow you to save temporary messages on iOS

WhatsApp is working on a tool to keep temporary messages on iOS (WHATSAPP/)

WhatsApp is developing a new feature for iOS which will allow users to save temporary messages after the display period established by the sender has expired. It should be remembered that these terms can be 24 hours, 7 or 90 days after being sent.

The company introduced temporary messageswhich are automatically deleted, in November 2020. The idea of ​​this initiative was to provide a new tool to give users more privacy or security.

Although it is also true that no matter how temporary chats are configured, both the sender and the recipient can take screenshots. With which, it is one more option, but as with other options, nothing is infallible in terms of privacy.

Besides, in August 2021 the app implemented a similar measure for media files. It is a tool that allows them to be deleted once the recipient has viewed them. To make use of this option, simply press on the icon with the number 1 in the center, which appears after pressing on the clip to attach content to the chat.

The novelty now is that the social network has just sent a new update to the WhatsApp beta version for iOS through the TestFlight beta program, in which it shows that it is developing the ability to keep messages that are temporary. This option had previously been seen in the beta for Android.

To keep ephemeral messages, it will be necessary to have the consent of the sender and recipient (WABeta Info)
To keep ephemeral messages, it will be necessary to have the consent of the sender and recipient (WABeta Info)

As he warns WABetaInfowho anticipated this option, the app offers users the ability to keep these temporary messages, but on the condition that any other user can cancel that saving. That is, it is necessary to have the consent of both parties.

In a screenshot shared by this portal you can see the message that indicates this option. “Keep this message? The message will no longer disappear from this chat. Anyone can uncheck it, ”says WhatsApp in the first place.

Next, in another image, the application announces that in the event that none of the users save said message, it will be deleted and will no longer be available to all the contacts in a group or the two people who have started an individual chat.

The platform says that this feature is under development, so the final version may change. Also, keep in mind that many times companies test some tools that do not always reach end users.

Hide connection time from some users

WhatsApp for iOS is also working on a new privacy option that will allow users to hide, from certain contacts, the last time they were connected to the application.

At the moment, The most recent official version of WhatsApp allows you to modify the preferences of the time of the last connection, the profile picture, the information or the states from the Privacy section, in the Settings menu.

Hide connection in WhatsApp for certain contacts.  (photo: WABeta Info)
Hide connection in WhatsApp for certain contacts. (photo: WABeta Info)

While in status updates you can choose My contacts except…. Y Just share with…., the application only allows to select Everyone, My contacts and Nobody for last connection and user information.

However, this update for iOS beta testers introduces an option that allows you to hide the last connection time for certain selected contacts.. In this way, those who decide to hide their last connection only to some contacts will be able to do it without having to activate the option No one.

Thus, they will continue to have access to the information of those users who do have the preference activated so that all their contacts can know when they last connected to the application.


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