Whatsapp works to add descriptions to the text files that are sent

Send large files by WhatsApp. (photo: The Computer Group)

Apparently, WhatsApp is developing the possibility of send text files such as Word or PDF along with statementsto tell the contact what the shipment would be about.

This function currently only available for images and videos which can also be edited before sending them and choose the option that the receiver can only see these files once.

Although you might think that this option was available in text documents, the reality is that it is not, so today if you want to indicate the content of the file you have to send another message responding to the previous onewhich also makes it difficult to find files in group and individual chats.

However, WhatsApp has been able to identify that users need the function of marking the text or compressed documents that are sent, and for this reason it has set itself the task of developing this tool that, although it is very simple, will be very useful for you. useful to people.

And it is that once again, it has been the portal that announces WhatsApp news and updates, WABetaInfo, which has announced the development of this new functionality that apparently has already been tested in the desktop version of the application and will soon be included in the beta versions of iOS and Android.

For now it is knowne the appearance of this function will be exactly the same as the current interface to send images or videos, which consists of a text bar to add a message that is displayed on the screen just below the content to be sent.

On the other hand, the aforementioned portal indicates that this new update is still under development, so it is unknown when it will be ready for beta testers and also globally for all versions of WhatsApp on Apple and Android operating systems.

Likewise, in recent days the developers of the messaging platform that is part of the Meta conglomerate, were testing with users from Argentina the possibility of expanding the limit capacity for sending files, leaving it at a maximum of 2 GB.

All these tests and updates would be carried out by Whatsapp because remote work, which is now so fashionable, has led to a change in the reasons why this application is used, making, for example, the 100MB of capacity maximum are insufficient to send files to colleagues.

For this latest test of increasing the file size limit, the recipients of messages with 2 GB attachments can be anywhere on the planet, although it is only available to users residing in Argentina regardless of whether they handle the web version , iOS or Android.

Similarly, just a few days ago it was known that WhatsApp will allow you to react to messages with any emoji, Well, according to WaBetaInfo, this possibility is already a reality in beta versions for Android and for iOS.

And according to the way it has been presented in the Beta version, the way to react with any emoji to the messages would be the following:

– Press and hold the message you want to react to.

– When the 6 emojis that are already available appear on the screen, a gray + will be seen right next to them.

– By pressing the + image, on Android the activated keyboard will be shown in the section of emojis to add, and on iOS a list with all the emojis will appear.


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