When and at what time to see the Wolf Moon, the first full Moon of 2022?

The first full Moon of the year, also called the Wolf Moon, is ready to light up the sky. Here we tell you how long it will last and at what time you can observe it.

The first Full moon of this 2022 it’s here. The also known as wolf moon will light up the sky tonight and will remain in this phase for three days, so we tell you from what time you can see it and until when.

When the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, observe the so-called full moon, which is when this star can be fully seen illuminated by the reflection of the Sun.

With the full moon you can to enjoy of an illuminated night, because the star becomes the second most luminous, only after the Sun, which converts in the natural luminaire par excellence for night walks.

When and at what time will the Wolf Moon be seen?

This first full moon of the year can be to appreciate the night of this Monday, January 17, and if the weather conditions allow it, it will be visible from 7:00 p.m., when the Sun has hidden.

Although tonight is the peak of the full moon, since last night it has been possible observe in its splendor and this phase will remain until the early hours of Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

To observe the Wolf Moon you will not need more than lean out to the window, because it will be visible without using a telescope.

You may be wondering why this full Moon is called a Wolf Moon and this is because it is associated to the myth of Wolfman, those beings that in this lunar phase were transformed into wolves since they spent the night howling at the star in its splendor, this myth, which is so universal, has been associated with the full Moon.

Furthermore, in the 1930s, in U.S, the newspaper Maine Farmers’ Almanac began publishing weather forecasts associating full moons with Native American names and their customs and beliefs.

At the beginning of the year, the Indians americans detected that packs of wolves howled more frequently, which is why the first full moon of the year was associated with the howl of the Wolves.

This first full Moon of the year is also called elsewhere snowy moon or frost, for its arrival in winter for many parts of the world, in addition to the old Moon.

When will the next full moon of 2022 be?

So that you are ready to look again at the sky illuminated by the full Moon, we leave you a list of the following full moons of this 2022.

  • February 16, Snow Moon
  • March 18, Worm Moon
  • April 16, Pink Moon
  • May 16, Flower Moon
  • June 14, Strawberry Moon
  • July 13, Stag Moon
  • August 11, Sturgeon Moon
  • September 10, Harvest Moon
  • October 9, Hunter’s Moon
  • November 8, Beaver Moon
  • December 7, cold moon