When Faitelson accused an ESPN commentator of “sold out” during the 2014 World Cup broadcast

David Faitelson has always been known for his controversial style. (Photo: Instagram @ davidfaitelson_espn)

David faitelson is a specialist in raising controversies. Every time he has the floor, his colleagues may take for granted that some dangerous statement is coming. David’s style is as powerful as it is non-negotiable. So it was in his years in Aztec TV and so it has been since he came to ESPN in 2007, from the hand of his teacher: José Ramón Fernández.

Although his journalism is characterized by being very direct and strident, there have been several occasions in which his colleagues have been “you for you” with Joserra. That is when everything usually blows up into a thousand pieces. Like a boxer, Faitelson loves punching exchanges. The more show, the better. Nothing bothers him.

One of the journalists who could not bear Faitelson’s character was Jorge Ramos, who decided to face him on more than one occasion and argue with him to the last consequences. The first big fight between the two took place in the 2010 South Africa World Cup, but the climax of the rivalry came four later, also in a World Cup, that of Brazil 2014.

José Ramón Fernández in an interview with David Faitelson, the day he revealed what was his worst moment of health (Photo: Youtube / ESPN Deportes)
David Faitelson is the most outstanding student of José Ramón Fernández. (Photo: Youtube / ESPN Deportes)

It all started thanks to a discussion about Luis Suárez and the Uruguay national team in a broadcast of Spicy Soccer. Faitelson mentioned that Suárez’s bite to Giorgio Chiellini it had to be sanctioned in an exemplary way. In contrast, Ramos, who is Uruguayan, mentioned that a footballer could not be taken with an example of life and that the criticism was exceeding the professional aspect.

The discussion continued in this way. Suddenly, Ramos mentioned to Faitelson that he has always been critical of Mexican soccer and that he has exceeded various players, including Cuauhtémoc White. “You made a living criticizing,” Ramos told Faitelson. The Mexican replied: “I made a living doing journalism, Mr. Ramos. It has cost me a lot of work. I didn’t make a living criticizing ”.

Ramos did not stop and decided to go forward. It was thus that he said to Faitelson: “Yes, negative journalism, journalism from a trench.” At that moment, David found the ideal moment to land a deadly blow. “And you can also do sold-out journalism, Mr. Ramos. Or public relations journalism, which I know is what you do in Miami, ”Faitelson fired.

Jorge Ramos rebuked David Faitelson and blamed him for having bad faith with the Uruguayans (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube / @ESPN Deportes)
Jorge Ramos rebuked David Faitelson and blamed him for having bad faith with the Uruguayans (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube / @ESPN Deportes)

Both journalists continued their discussion for a few more moments. The tension was visible across the table. Ramos asked David for names and examples. “I better shut up. It’s not worth hurting us more, Mr. Ramos “David said in an attempt to calm the waters. Ramos, however, feeling offended by the insinuation, continued to charge. “Do you know how to do sold-out journalism? He is a coward. He is acting cowardly ”.

Still later they continued the fight, although Jose Ramon Fernandez He told them to calm down. Ramos insisted to David Faitelson that if he was sure he was doing sold-out or public relations journalism, to tell him with whom, to name names. It should be remembered that in South Africa 2010 the reason for the fight had also been Luis Suárez.

At that moment by the hand that he put against Ghana and that I mean the goodbye of Suárez from the World Cup. Later, in matches for the Mexican national team, Ramos and Faitelson have had other strong crossovers, although they never reached the tone or level of accusations of that program in Brazil. The closest thing was a 2016 broadcast in which the Uruguayan called Faitelson “stupid” in a debate about the Tri.


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