When is the new RBD album coming out? This is what Christian Chavez says…

RBD will release a new album


RBD fans are jumping with excitement, as the group’s return will not be limited to the concert tour that is sweeping the United States.

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RBD will release a new album


When is the new RBD album coming out? This is what Christian Chavez says…

Yahritza and her Essence make Sold Out


Have you forgiven them? Yahritza and the Essence of her celebrate that they sold out a concert in Mexico

Now, they add the release of a new album after 14 years when they presented what was their last studio album titled To forget about me.

It was Christian Chávez who confirmed in an interview with Billboard that the Soy Rebelde Tour is being alternated with a surprise for all the followers of the now quintet.

“There is a record, that’s it, I think it will come out next year, the songs are already worked on, recorded, almost the majority,” said the singer.

For his part, Christopher Uckermann, the youngest of the band, stated that he is working on the lyrics of some songs that will surely become a success.

“I continue composing after the shows, I traveled with a keyboard to compose,” he said.while Dulce detailed what the content of the songs would be like: “What we want is for each song to have its story, touch hearts and take advantage of the tour to be able to share it with people and not only listen to it on the platforms.”

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Three weeks ago they released Cerquita de ti and as they have said, they will be releasing songs independently in the middle of the tour, a strategy that all artists copy today.

For Christian, the trigger for the furor they have caused began once their songs were released and were able to reach digital platforms. “That started to scratch our hearts because I think since we didn’t have that part of the music, I think when they told us it was going to be available, fIt was like the revival of Rebel fever”.

Anahí made the fans much more excited, since she warned that the best is yet to come. “The new song is beautiful, they are receiving it with a lot of affection, which we greatly appreciate, and as we said well, surprises are coming, everything is going to flow, they are going to have new music from RBD and The most important thing is the tour, which we are starting with everything, this is just beginning”.