When José Ramón Fernández tried to intimidate Paty Chapoy but did not succeed

José Ramón Fernández and Paty Chapoy were a fundamental part of the birth of Azteca. (Photos: Cuartoscuro // Instagram @ chapoypati)

Jose Ramon Fernandez he has always had an imposing personality that few people dare to challenge. It’s hard to imagine this journalism icon following orders without making a complaint. But that was the way it was during a time when it coincided in Aztec TV with another glittering figure in the media.

It is nothing more and nothing less than Paty chapoy, one of the most prominent journalists in the industry. This is how Paty herself told it in dialogue with Joserra for the saga Characters from ESPN. “When I arrive to Aztec TVI’m talking about 27 years ago, there was a meeting with some characters. I didn’t know anybody. I knew you (José Ramón) because you were on TV“Recalled the driver of Windowing.

José Ramón was upset with the decision for Chapoy to take over the production of Channel 7, as he considered that she had no knowledge of the sports source. True to his character, he did not skimp on annoyance from the first moment.

“I remember that we arrived and suddenly you arrived as the number one grumpy one and you began to scold me. (You told me) what did I know about sports, “said Paty.

José Ramón Fernández gave his opinion on the European Super League and asked UEFA to listen (Photo: Youtube / ESPN Deportes)
José Ramón Fernández has a very peculiar character. (Photo: Youtube / ESPN Deportes)

Paty was simply complying with the orders that the owner of the television station had given her. José Ramón, despite this, remained firm at least initially, but then changed his deal when he heard an editorial proposal from Chapoy. “Back then Ricardo (Salinas Pliego) decided that, in addition to advising him, she would be the production director of the nascent Aztec. You gave me a scolding and I laughed with you and told you: ‘If you allow me, I’m going to make Channel 7 a channel dedicated to sports.’

Chapoy recalled what he did for the sports section and highlighted the creative freedom that Fernández and his team enjoyed on the channel:

“There you became like the lamb. But I couldn’t (make a sports channel only), but I did get you to continue doing what you wanted to do “

While the Channel 7 was dedicated to various content, and not only sports, Jose Ramon Fernandez had the opportunity to deploy a great team of commentators, storytellers and reporters. Few times in the history of Mexican sports television have such famous voices come together whose contributions made up the most dynamic and controversial table of that time. With the passage of time, Fernández also opened the way to new generations that to this day remain in force in the transmissions of the television station of the Adjco.

(Photo: Instagram @ventaneandouno)
Paty Chapoy allowed José Ramón to work with his style (Photo: Instagram @ventaneandouno).

After leaving behind the era of Imevisión, when José Ramón had to struggle to find events, now they had a nascent company on their side that wanted to compete as equals with Televisa, which at that time ruled the industry. Aztec TV formed a diverse team that had specialists in soccer, NFL, NBA, motorsports and bulls. There was no person that José Ramón let loose when he already had resources that he could not have imagined before.

Some of those commentators continue to accompany him to this day in ESPN, as are the cases of Rafael Puente Suárez, Roberto Gómez Junco, Ciro Procuna And of course, David faitelson, which already stood out for its style at that time. Figures also emerged that would stand out in other media. Francisco Javier González, the most prominent case.

Later, gradually, the faces that to this day are highly recognizable on the screens of that station entered the scene: Christian Martinoli, Luis García, Antonio Rosique, David Medrano and Carlos Guerrero. And to think that it all started thanks to a disagreement between José Ramón Fernández and Paty Chapoy.


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