When Juan Manuel Márquez turned down a fight with Canelo Álvarez

Juan Manuel Márquez received a challenge from Canelo Álvarez. (Photos: Cuartoscuro)

Juan Manuel Marquez He is one of the most recent legends that Mexico has given to boxing. The Dynamite went down in history thanks to his powerful punch. That strength allowed him to knock out Manny pacquiao in December 2012, in one of the fights most remembered by the Aztec fans.

In recent times, Márquez has strongly criticized Saul Alvarez, the figure of Mexican boxing today. Two weeks ago, in an interview with the channel Deplaymaker, He mentioned that the achievements of the Guadalajara man so far were not enough to put him at the top of Mexican boxing. “Can’t you say that the Canelo it may be the best ever when we’ve seen the best. Chávez, for example, ”Juan Manuel shot.

Márquez is a respected voice in the world of boxing, but diverse legends (such as Érik Morales and Roberto Duran) have already been questioned for his comments. Beyond the philias and phobias of JuanmaIt is a fact that he had the opportunity to face Saúl Álvarez. The Canelo made a formal challenge to Dynamite in conditions that were striking.

Juan Manuel Márquez was champion in three categories.  (Photo: <a class=Twitter @ RaulMunozMX)” height=”1080″ src=”https://www.infobae.com/new-resizer/3O-NzHMh_qMatiunTqmHDgDBkbI=/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/infobae/7LQ23NBIVRGDRO6D3LDLHACSNM.jpg” width=”1920″ />
Juan Manuel Márquez was champion in three categories. (Photo: Twitter @ RaulMunozMX)

It all started in 2011 on the show The court, which was broadcast on Televisa. Ignacio Beristain, Márquez’s coach, claimed Jose Sulaiman, then president of the WBC, to put rivals to him as a Saúl Álvarez. Canelo it was in the remote transmission. Juan Manuel, for his part, mentioned that Álvarez did not face the best classified. “It makes me absurd and illegal by the WBC,” he said. Dynamite.

Canelo He responded to criticism and said he respected opinions. “I, with all due respect, am ready for the great champion, Juan Manuel Márquez, to give me the opportunity”Saúl challenged Márquez. Juan Manuel did not give an answer at the time, but he did a week later on the radio program The Tweety Show.

If he does not believe in my abilities, I would like him to remove his doubts. He put on weight to fight Mayweather. Why can’t he come up to fight me? ”Canelo said.

The drivers were interviewing Álvarez about his statements from a week ago. Canelo He reaffirmed that he intended to fight Marquez, as long as he agreed. Suddenly, Dynamite He went on the phone line and was questioned about a possible fight. At first, he said that at that point in his career he wasn’t about to take risks and move up the ranks for a fight. There he threw a powerful stone for Álvarez.

Marquez asked Alvarez to go down to lightweight or super lightweight if he really wanted to face him.  (Photo: Caroline Brehman)
Marquez asked Alvarez to go down to lightweight or super lightweight if he really wanted to face him. (Photo: Caroline Brehman) (CAROLINE BREHMAN /)

“I gain weight but I am going to gain weight to fight against Manny pacquiao. If I’m going to take a risk, let it be for something good. “

At that time (2011), Márquez was in the super lightweight category (140 pounds) and Álvarez in super welterweight (154 pounds). “If he goes down to lightweight, or super lightweight, we hit him. A super welterweight is a great advantage ”, argued Juan Manuel.

Canelo He did not remain silent and reminded her that for the fight he had Dynamite with Floyd mayweather agreed to go up to 144 pounds (in 2009, the year of the aforementioned combat, Money he was welterweight and Marquez lightweight). “You were just going for the money”Saul said. “You’re wrong. I have nothing to prove anything to anyone. Neither the people nor you, ”Márquez reacted with an annoyed tone.

Finally, Juan Manuel Márquez wish Saúl Álvarez luck for his fight against the British Matthew hatton, who was finally defeated by the Guadalajara to win the first world crown of his entire career. Over the years, Canelo he won world championships in three other categories, for a total of four.


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