Where can you watch ‘Gitanas’ for free, the Telemundo soap opera starring Ana de la Reguera?

Ana de la Reguera starred in “Gitanas”, a popular production broadcast on Telemundo.


“Gitanas” aired in 2004 and is an adaptation of the successful Chilean television series Romané. Do you want to relive this exciting story?

The soap opera “Gitanas” aired in 2004 on Telemundo and its story enjoyed great popularity. The script was written by Basilio Álvarez and Laura Sosa, based on the successful Chilean television series “Romané”, while Jorge Fons and Víctor Hugo Martínez took over the direction.

“Gypsies” has a cast made up of actors of the stature of Ana de la Reguera, Manolo Cardona, Dolores Heredia, Saúl LisazoSaby Kamalich, Arturo Ríos, Erick Elías, Carlos Torres Torrija, Mariana Gajá, Karina Mora, Marco Treviño, Gabriela de la Garza and Enrique Singer. Have you seen this popular story yet? We tell you a little about what it is.

This telenovela takes us through the history of “María Salomé” (Ana de la Reguera), a beautiful gypsy who falls in love with “Sebastián” (Manolo Cardona) since they are in Topolobampo; however, their love cannot be due to the fact that “Sebastián” is not a gypsy. This difference will generate all sorts of conflicts due to racism and discrimination there is towards the culture of “María Salomé”; however, both will defend their love at all costs.


“Gypsies” has beautiful settings, great performances and a captivating love story where the protagonists must overcome all kinds of obstacles. Where can you see this exciting story or, where appropriate, relive your favorite moments from the soap opera?

In total, “Gitanas” has 162 chapters. Unfortunately, it is not available on platforms of streamingbut yes, you can see all its complete chapters online through the app Telemundoavailable both for your cell phone on iOS and Android systems, and for your smart TV, you just have to look for the application on the systems that have it available (Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, XBox).

If you wish, the chapters are also available via YouTube so you can see this story, whose locations were recorded in the Xochitla Ecological Park and the port of Topolobampo, in Sinaloa.