Where to eat healthy in Miami, a guide so you don’t lose good habits

Wherever you are in Miami, it’s easy to find where to eat healthy. (Site/Repsol Guide)

You come to do tourism Miami and, like in any foreign place, it is difficult for you to maintain your eating habits, especially if you practice a healthy diet. In addition, it is a city where people like to show off, plenty of beaches and parks, so it is normal that you want to stay away from junk food.

Here we show you some of the tastiest and most popular restaurants in miami beach so you can choose.

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1. Pure Life

Pura Vida - Miami
At Pura Vida you can order breakfast dishes all day. (Pure Life)

What began as a dream of a marriage, Omer and Jennifer Horevsoon became one of the most successful health food restaurants in South Florida, with locations from Miami Beach to West Palm Beach. There are always fresh fruit juices, superfood smoothies, kombucha, and ready-to-drink coffee. The breakfast menu is offered all day, plus salads topped with ahi tuna, chicken, salmon, or lentils. There is also a wide variety of gluten-free and vegan desserts.

Where: 110 Washington Ave #2, Miami Beach – (305) 535-4142

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2. Lilikoi Organic Living

Lilikoi - Miami
A Lilikoy Veggie Burger is a religious experience. (Lilikoi Organic Living)

It is an elegant restaurant that offers healthy dishes with a Hawaiian twist. Her recipes are prepared with locally grown and organic vegetables. The meats used come from humanely treated animals raised without steroids, growth hormones, or animal derivatives, fed an organic vegetarian diet. The fish and shellfish are obtained in a respectful way with the environment and carefully selected.

Where: 500 South Pointe Dr #180, Miami Beach – (305) 763-8692

3. Le Jardinier

Le Jardinier - Miami
A true garden that lives up to its name. (Le Jardinier)

It’s hard to find a more welcoming place than Le Jardinier. The person in charge of the creations, almost so beautiful that you don’t want to eat them, is Alain Verzeroliwho has in his endorsement a michelin star. The interior has the appearance of a greenhouse, while the exterior is a colorful garden. Located in the Design DistrictThis is a site that you cannot miss.

Where: 151 NE 41st St Suite 135, Miami – (305) 402-9060

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4. Plant

Restaurant Plan - Miami
Known for its innovative dishes, this South Beach restaurant enjoys a solid reputation. (Plant)

The innovative vegan dishes of the Chef David Lee They have earned him an army of fans among those who lead a health-focused lifestyle. Here you can dine on fully vegetarian sushi. The menu is varied: all kinds of dishes made from vegetables await you. the hamburger style Plant it is one of the best meatless in town.

Where: 850 Commerce St, Miami Beach – (305) 397-8513

5.Carrot Express

Carrot Express - Miami
A simple cafeteria of healthy food with great flavor. (The Carrot Express)

A counter service diner that started at a gas station, and now has 13 locations around the world. south florida. That is to say, when you get hungry, you surely have one nearby. It offers what is typical of a healthy food cafeteria (salads, bowls, natural juices, smoothies). Since it has so many branches, here we leave you the address and telephone number of one of them.

Where: 98 NE 2nd Ave, Miami – (786) 646-0620

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6. Gogo Fresh

Gogo Fresh - Miami
Its success led to the acceptance of the Miami Beach public. (Gogo Fresh)

Gogo Fresh aIt opened its doors in 2004, but it was not until 2013, when it was bought by the Argentine Osmar Nunez-Vilches, that the place became what it is today. It currently has three locations, but the one in Miami Beach continues to be the flagship restaurant. In addition to a delicious variety of salads, it is known for its delicious home-style Argentinean empanadas.

Where: 926 Alton Rd, Miami Beach – (305) 673-3137

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7. Ol’ Days, Farm to Table

healthy food in miami
Ol’ Days Miami only uses organic and local raw materials.

This picturesque site offers dishes made with natural and organic ingredients. As their name indicates, they come from farm to table, sourcing in large part from local producers. In addition to two stores in the United States (one in New York and another in Miami), also has one in Buenos Aires.

Where: 3301 NE 1st Ave Miami, FL 33137 – (786) 843-1397


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