Where to put a water fountain according to feng shui?

The Chinese philosophy that harmonizes space gives special importance to the circulation of water

Placing a water fountain inside the home has a great decorative effect. There are very aesthetic options, made in various shapes, colors and materials.

However, beyond the decorative issue, feng shui philosophy suggests that water has the potential to reduce negative energies.

In this way, it not only harmonizes the environments, but also improves the mood of the people who inhabit it.

Of course, for this to happen, the font installation site must be suitable. What should you consider? Let’s take a closer look at some recommendations.

indoor water fountain
If the home does not have a garden, terrace or balcony, it is advisable to have some type of indoor fountain, be it a decorative one or a fish tank. In these cases, it is advisable to install it in spaces such as the main living room, the entrance, the hall, the dining room, the office or the games room.

Using the bagua map as a reference, the main area to place a water feature is the southeast. This cardinal point is related to abundance and prosperity. It is advisable to use a compass to establish the layout of each point in the home.

The north is also a good alternative to put the water source. This is related to the flow of money and the activation of the professional career.

The east point is linked to health and family life. In this way, those who wish to prioritize these aspects of their lives should place the source at that point in the home.

position of the water source
Another important detail is the position of the object. Feng shui recommendations indicate that it should be installed facing inwards. Placing it in a window facing the outside does not have the same energetic effect, in addition to not enjoying it.