Where to see all the episodes of ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’ and how many seasons does it have in total?

“La rosa de Guadalupe” has become popular for its stories where the Catholic faith always triumphs.


“The Rose of Guadalupe” It was broadcast for the first time in February 2008 through Canal de las Estrellas, and since then it has had uninterrupted broadcasts, so it can now hold the record for being one of the longest running series on Televisa despite the criticism and Currently, of the memes in social networks.

With 15 years on the air and more than 1900 episodes, “La Rosa de Guadalupe” It has already become a benchmark in Mexican popular culture, as well as being a true hotbed of actors, because in that program figures such as Danna Paola, Natasha Dupeyrón, Juan Pablo Gil, Jesús Zavala began and many more celebrities.

The episodes of “The Rose of Guadalupe“They have not stopped being controversial, coming to touch sensitive issues of life and severe social conflicts that, in the end, are solved thanks to the devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe; the “little air” that reaches the characters who are going to receive a grace from the Guadalupanain fact, it is already easily identified as one of the key elements of the program.


At the moment, “La Rosa de Guadalupe” is in its 16th season and you can enjoy its episodes in Las Estrellas from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m.; However, in addition to open television there are more options to see the current episodes, such as the official YouTube channel of the serieswhich day by day posts the updated episodes.

For example, on the official site of Las Estrellas you can watch the episodes of the last seven days, complete and totally free; However, if what you want is relive older chapters and even enjoy the first seasonthere is another option in streaming that will allow you to do it.

On ViX, one of the most popular streaming platforms in Mexico, the complete 16 seasons of “La Rosa de Guadalupe” are available, from 2008 to 2023, available totally free. If you go Premium, you will enjoy extra benefits with your ViX+ account.