Where to watch all the episodes of ‘As the saying goes’, the popular Las Estrellas series, for free?

“As the saying goes” is one of Televisa’s longest-running series.


“As the saying goes” aired in 2011 and, now with 13 seasons, this series is one of the proposals that has lasted the longest on open television; If you want to see the old episodes, this article will interest you.

Throughout its more than 900 episodes, “As the saying goes” has captivated the audience with the stories that happen in the “El Dicho” cafeteria, owned by “Don Tomás”a man who helps, with his popular wisdom, to resolve all kinds of conflicts.

Starring Sergio Coronathe series has an extensive cast among whose actors we can see Wendy González, Michael Ronda, Adan Slim, Brisa Carrillo, Benny Emmanuel, Mario Bautista and Fernanda Sasse, among others.

At the moment, “As the saying goes” is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 6:30 in the afternoon on Las Estrellas; However, television is not the only way to watch your favorite episodes of the seriesgiven that The full episodes are available, free, streamingso that you can relive them again and again.


As we told you previously, “As the saying goes” remains active on television with broadcasts from Monday to Friday; however, There are more options for those who want to relive previous chapters.

One of them is to see them through the official website of Las Estrellasalthough only the last seven episodesideal option to see the chapters you have missed during the week.

If you are only interested in reliving the best moments of the series, on the official YouTube channel “As the saying goes” Some interesting clips are available to watch in your moments of rest.

If what you want is to watch your favorite episodes in full, from the first season, and for free, then you should know that The series “As the saying goes” is fully available on the platform ViX; You do not need to have an account or subscription to enjoy the program. If you go Premium, you will be able to watch the episodes without ads, in addition to having full access to original content that you will surely love.