Where would Serrath and Poncho de Nigris have met?

Poncho de Nigris was accused of being unfaithful by Serrath, a former participant in ‘Falling in love’


While Poncho de Nigris did not remember Serrath’s name in LCDLFM, the actress recalled the details of their first meeting

Serraththe actress who claimed to have compromising audios of Poncho de Nigrisrevealed when and where did you meet to the former participant of La Casa de los Famosos México, who said he did not know her in the reality show.

As Serrath told the TVyNovelas magazineher and Poncho they met in the year 2020and even the man from Monterrey would have asked him for help to spread his songs on social networks.

“We had the opportunity to be with many well-known influencers, we share the same tablewe recorded content together and he always asked me for support so that I could help him promote his songs, so if he did it, it’s because he knows that I have more than six million followers on my social networks and that he doesn’t know me is rude he declared.

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Poncho de Nigris would be in serious trouble with his wife Marcela Mistral; Serrath claims to have compelling evidence


Serrath on Poncho de Nigris: “She gave me her little looks, half flirtatious”

Before meeting Poncho in person, Serrath recalled that she already knew who he was because he began to follow her on her networks and even Irma Serrano’s ex had sent her a private message.

“I posted a video with one of his songs and he wrote to thank me. After this event that I am telling you about, I am going to Monterrey, in 2021, i met his wifehe invites me to the restaurant they have and we became close, we recorded videos, we made some stories, “said the former participant of ‘Falling in love’.

In addition, “Poncho he gave me his little glances, half flirtatiousWhen I was alone, Marcela was cordial, she sent me blessings and good wishes, but right now they both blocked me, they followed me on networks and now they pretend to be those who don’t know me, “added the model in the interview.

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Poncho de Nigris would have marital problems after leaving LCDLFM; Serrath claims to have audios of him



Who is Serrath, the actress of “Falling in love” who accused Poncho de Nigris of being unfaithful?

Nigris Poncho / Irma Serrano, The Tigress.  Photos: Archive


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