While Tenoch complains, Adriana Fonseca is also discriminated against … for having light eyes

There is even the Poder Prieto movement, promoted by various celebrities who seek to eradicate racism due to skin color, but there are also celebrities like Adriana Fonseca who denounce discrimination and not necessarily because they are brunette.

The actress spoke about how difficult it is to position herself in the United States, where there are still clichés of what a Mexican woman should look like. She, who is not dark and has light eyes, has faced rejection, as denounced by Tenoch Huerta or Maya Zapata.

“They discriminate against me for having light eyes. They do not believe me that I am Mexican, they do not believe that I am Jarocha, that I lack ‘pechonalidad’, that I lack the other to be a Latina,” said the actress.

Adriana Fonseca highlighted: “It is ironic, but there is a very marked stereotype of the Latino that must be broken and that I also believe is part of my mission, to say ‘I am a Jarocha, I have an accent.’ She is not the only Sofía Vergara who She is blonde, she is not the only Salma Hayek, we are the type. There is a very marked cliché, and we will see if it improves “.

Of course, he admitted that he would not change physical features to fit, although “I have changed my hair color. I love to go with highlights. And I have to wear it dark brown.”

Adriana Fonseca’s comments contrast with those made by Tenoch Huerta, who points out that brown people are discriminated against at this time of year …

The beautiful time of year has arrived when the black ones will be followed in all the shopping centers, they will ask us for the purchase tickets and they will check the bags; they will ask if our debit cards have a balance and they will look at us with distrust every time we enter fifís places “.