Whitexican buys blue tortillas and denounces that they are “rotten”

The intention of this man who has gone viral is to continue with donations for at least three more years

In addition to beans, another of the foods that most characterize Mexico is corn and, therefore, tortillas, which is why an Internet user has been harshly criticized on social networks for having assured that they sold him tortillas in “poor condition”. », when in reality these were made with blue corn.

In this context, the little knowledge of a young man who, after going to buy tortillas at a tortilla shop, denounced that they were supposedly useless, since their color was blue, has caused outrage and laughter.

It was through the social network Twitter where a tiktok was posted by a content creator who complained about having received tortillas in poor condition when he traveled to the state of Veracruz.

According to what can be heard in the viral clip, after looking for a Palacio de Hierro in the aforementioned federal entity and failing in the attempt, the boy had to buy tortillas to make quesadillas in a tortilla shop.

After complaining that he had to pay with cash because his credit card was not accepted, the man went to the place where he was staying and, after reviewing what he bought, he realized that the tortillas were in “bad condition.” .

It was not until he reached his destination that the tiktoker allegedly realized that the food made from corn was “rotten”, assuring that they had made the tortillas “a thousand years ago”.