Who are all the children of Cristian Castro

Cristian Castro has had three children with two different women and is on his fourth with a mysterious woman


Cristian Castro found out that he is going to be a father for the fourth time through the media, but we tell you who the singer’s other three children are

In the most recent edition of TV and novels We tell you that “at his next 49 years, Cristian Castro will be a dad againnow with the beautiful Argentine Maite Barrawho has been his on-again, off-again girlfriend, a safe harbor to which he has always returned since mid-2016.”

The information came to light in “an Argentine newspaper that assures that the future mother already has three months of gestation, news that pleases the Happy Gallito.” Therefore, we tell you who the other children of the interpreter of ‘Por amarte Así’, ‘I’ll never forget you’ and ‘Azul’, among other hits, are.

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Who are Cristian Castro’s children?

Simone Candy

She is already 18 years old, she is a good student and drives her own car. She has a strong resemblance to Cristian Castro, but also to his mother, the Argentine lawyer Valeria Liberman.

Mikhail Zarathustra

He is 16 years old, and they say he is a clone of the singer. Cristian sees little of them, since his mother, who is a lawyer, won full custody of both of them and took everything she could from her ex.


He is nine years old, plays the piano and is an influencer. For a post by Paola Erasohis mother, distanced themselves from the Castro family, as Verónica Castro announced a while ago.

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Verónica Castro confirms the distance with her grandchildren

In an exclusive interview with journalist Pati Chapoy, Veronica Castro He opened his heart and confirmed the estrangement with his three grandchildrenapparently due to problems with their mothers.

When asked if she still sees the children of Valeria Liberman and Cristian, Verónica Castro was blunt: “No, not really; I only saw them once and it cost a lot of money. I am very sorry, I would not want to speak ill of a woman who has two children who are part of my family, but she was a terrible partner for my son, I never loved her. I saw her intentions before she got married, she knew it. “I don’t like that a woman has hurt another to separate my son from his first wife, and do something very strange to catch him again,” said the actress.

“The doors of my house will always be open for them.”; I love them, I miss them and it would be amazing if one day they visited me and said ‘Hello, Grandma!’. Right now the boy must be 16 years old, and Simone 18, they are already old enough to look for their father or look for me, but surely they were close to a dose of hate, of lies, and everyone knows it. I hope they want to corroborate it,” said the green-eyed woman.

And regarding Rafaela, daughter of the Colombian Paola Eraso, he commented: “I don’t see her either. There was a difference with her mom, we didn’t agree on some things that made me aggressive, and I have never gotten along with aggression. It hurt my soul that they took her away, because I had Rafaela’s heart in my arms.. Maybe she will remember me something, and at some point she will look for me again,” declared the protagonist of soap operas such as ‘Rosa Salvaje’ and ‘The Rich Also Cry.’

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