Who are free and prisoners in the Ainara-YosStop case?

The case started when Ainara a accused four young men (some of them minors) of having raped her during a party in May 2018.

The accusation affected YosStop because she commented on the video on her Youtube channel. Although he did not project the images, he made graphic descriptions of the rape, which was interpreted by Ainara and its lawyers as equated child pornography.

YosStop She was arrested in June of this year and was presented before a judge at the Santa Martha Acatitla Women’s Center for Social Reintegration, where she remained from then until yesterday.

On July 29, while trying to board a plane to travel to Miami, United States, Axel “N” one of the defendants for rape in the case Ainara He was detained by the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office.

On September 7, another of the accused Carlos “N”, He was also detained by elements of the Investigative Police of the Prosecutor’s Office. “FGJCDMX completes an arrest warrant against a young man accused of equal rape and trafficking in persons in its form of pornography, to the detriment of a minor,” published the Prosecutor’s Office.

Axel “N” He was released on November 19 after “the convicted man today admitted his criminal responsibility for the events that occurred on the night of May 25, 2018 and the early morning of the next day in which he participated as a teenager.”

Last night he was also released in circumstances similar to YosStop.

Ainara has said that “there are still three missing” in reference to the other young people who participated in the sexual assault of which she was a victim.