Who are the participants of Los 50, a reality show on Telemundo, and who have been eliminated?

Los 50, is the new reality show bet on Telemundo

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On Tuesday, July 8, Telemundo premiered his new reality show, the 50a program where 50 celebrities have to live in an exotic mansion with a game master, who will put them to the test with challenges that they will have to win by demonstrating their best skills and abilities.

Whoever manages to pass all the tests and elimination nominations will be the winner of the juicy prize of more than 350 thousand dollars.

Without a doubt, it is the most ambitious reality show on the American chain, as it brought together many celebrities to face them face to face in a series of challenges that are not easy.

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The celebrities who participate in Los 50, a new reality show on Telemundo

Below is the list of the 50 famous participants who signed their respective contracts with the new Telemundo production.

  • manelyk gonzalez
  • thali garcia
  • Salvador Zerboni
  • Lorenzo Mendez
  • John Vidal
  • isabella sierra
  • Sebastian Caicedo
  • Dania Mendez
  • jessica coch
  • lambda garcia
  • Allan Slim
  • Yulianna Peniche
  • Julia Gama
  • Juliet Grajales
  • Nicole Chavez
  • Ojani Noah
  • Group King
  • Luis “Potro” Caballero
  • Fernando Lozada
  • Ceci Ponce
  • isa castro
  • John Paul Plain
  • Polo Monarrez
  • Raphael Nieves
  • asaf torres
  • Fernando Noriega
  • Gianmarco Onestini
  • Douglas Castillo
  • Luisa Fernanda
  • Fer de la Mora
  • Stephen Castillo
  • karely lopez
  • Michelle Lando
  • Luis Guillen Gonzalez
  • Adriano Zendejas
  • kim shantal
  • Shirley Arica Valle
  • anahí izali
  • Glenda Pin
  • Daniela Tapia
  • Aneudy Lara
  • Julio Ron
  • Jessica Stonem
  • Beta Mejia
  • samira jalil
  • Ana Parra
  • Macky Gonzalez
  • Jose Ramos
  • Brandon Castaneda
  • Daniela Alexis “Bebeshita”

Eliminated from the reality show Los 50

All the Monday and Thursday are elimination days at Los 50, while Wednesdays and Fridays are sentencing. On Tuesdays there are two group games, an individual game and also a party between all the participants.

In the first chapter, they were removed three celebrities, including: John VidalSamira Jalil and Julieta Grajales. And two days later, the second group of eliminated formed by Yulianna Peniche, Jessica Stonem, Ceci Ponce and Fernando Noriega.

Although it was thought that they were eliminated from the first week, in the second chapter, the production had to expel to Shirley Aricawho hit thali garciaduring one of the dynamics.

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