Who are the winners of the 2021 CDMX Marathon

Darío Castro Pérez and Eloy Sánchez Vidal took the 1st and 2nd of the Mexico City Marathon podium (Photo: Sedena)

On the afternoon of this Sunday, October 28, the XXXVIII edition of the Telcel 2021 Mexico City Marathon in which different Mexican and foreign athletes participated in the race of the Mexican capital. And this time, two national competitors They took first and second place, a fact that had not happened for 12 years.

The first place in the men’s category was taken Darío Castro Pérez, who had a time of 2 hours 14 minutes 51 seconds, in second place finished Eloy Sánchez Vidal with a time of 2 hours 14 minutes 52 seconds. A close final since only a second separated them from first and second place. Apparently both athletes arrived at the same time but this difference marked who was the winner of the competition.

The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) was in charge of detailing the profile of the first places in the marathon that covered a distance of 42 kilometers. The Mexican Army and Air Force shared that Darío Castro and Eloy Sánchez are Physical Education and Sports soldiers.

The Mexican soldiers reached the goal at the same time (Photo: Twitter / @ MaratonCDMX)

Since the starting signal was given in the University Olympic StadiumBoth members of the Mexican Army came out and quickly led the competition, which culminated in the Zócalo. As they advanced in the circuit, they were positioning themselves as the leaders of the race, behind was the Kenyan Ondati Gesabwa, who culminated in a time of 2:17:31 hrs.

After touring the race circuit, in a tight closure Darío Castro and Eloy Sánchez stayed with the one and two of the podium of the Mexico City event. Through a statement, Sedena highlighted the achievement of its soldiers because the last time a national competitor took first place was in 2009.

“It is necessary to specify that since 2009, a Mexican had not won in this country in said sporting event, so today we doubly celebrate the triumphs obtained, thanks to the efforts of soldiers Castro Pérez and Sánchez Vidal ”, shared the Sedena.

2021 CDMX Marathon
In 2009 it was the last time that a Mexican was in first place in the competition (Photo: Sedena)

He also highlighted the commitment of Mexican Army and Air Force the promotion of physical activation in the country and the different competencies in which the members of the Army participate.

“With this participation, the Mexican Army and Air Force once again demonstrated their commitment to the preparation of high-performance athletes who represent Mexico in various national and international competitions, as well as the promotion of sports culture among its members.”

The route of the event left from Ciudad Universitaria to continue on Insurgentes to the Glorieta de los Insurgentes, where it turned off through the streets of the Countess to continue on Paseo de Reforma.

(Photo: Twitter / @ GobCDMX)
This was the route of the 2021 Mexico City Marathon (Photo: Twitter / @ GobCDMX)

The route reached Campo Marte, where the runners had to return on Masaryk avenue to cross over Polanco and the Anthropology Museum. The final stretch of the marathon included the Monument to the Revolution passing through the Central mall and Fine arts, to finally conclude in the Zócalo.

In the female category, Sergeant 2 / o. from Physical Education and Sports, Marisol Guadalupe Romero Rosales, obtained the eighth place in the female branch, with a time of 2 hours 49 minutes 09 seconds.

The winners of the two categories were the following:


.1. Lucy Cheruiyot (KEN) 2h 27:22

.2. Amare Shewarge (ETH) 2h 37:03

.3. Leah Jebiwot (KEN) 2h 40:34

.4. Sandra Rosas (COL) 2h 43:56

.5. Argentina Valdepeñas (MEX) 2h 44:08


.1. Darío Castro (MEX) 2h 14:51

.2. Eloy Sánchez (MEX) 2h 14:52

.3. Rodgers Ondati (KEN) 2h 17:31

.4. Jorge Cruz (MEX) 2h 18:36

.5. José A. Uribe (MEX) 2h 19:09.


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