Who have been the wives of Luis de Llano Macedo?

How many times has Luis de Llano been married?

Luis de Llano Macedo He is part of one of the most important dynasties in the entertainment industry of our country: his father was Luis de Llano Palmerpioneer of Mexican television and theater producer, and his mother was Rita Macedoactress of the Golden Age of Mexican cinemawho unfortunately took his own life in December 1993.

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Luis de Llano Macedo He has several brothers: Julissa (daughter of Rita Macedo and Luis de Llano Palmer, of Spanish origin); Her half-siblings are: Cecilia Fuentes Macedo (daughter of Rita Macedo and the writer Carlos Fuentes) and Miguel and Isabel de Llano Rivas (children of Luis de Llano Palmer and Maria Rivas).

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Wives of Luis de Llano!

Luis de Llano Macedo studied college in Houston, Texas, where he met his first wife named Pamela. They married, but their relationship did not prosper, so they divorced a year later.

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The second wife of the famous television producer was the British model Patricia Stevenswith whom he was married for 16 years and as a result of that relationship his children were born Luis David and Lisa de Llano Stevens.

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Unfortunately, yesterday, September 22, Luis de Llano and his son announced the death of Mrs. Patricia.

Some time later, the producer met the model, writer and producer Susan Crowleywith whom she would marry and they worked together on the youth soap opera DKDA. With her he had his son Francisco de Llano Crowley.

The socialite Fabiola Lozanooriginally from Monterrey, is the fourth wife of the creator of groups like Timbiriche and Garibaldi. Lozano is 20 years younger than Luis de Llano, he is now 78 years old, but age has not been an obstacle, since they have been together for more than 20 years and have two adopted daughters: Roberta and Aita, because he became sterile after having suffered prostate cancer.

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