Who is Cinthia Aparicio, Alexis Ayala’s young fiancée and her best bikini photos

She is 29 years old and he is 57, Alexis Ayala and Cinthia Aparicio live a torrid romance that will be confirmed at the altar, after they got engaged with an impressive ring that the actor gave the young woman in the middle of a trip through Europe.

A year of dating was enough to confirm that they want to spend their lives together, so they did not hesitate to show off their commitment and happiness. She excitedly showed off her ring and completed her post with “Yes, in all languages.”

How did you meet?

Both met in the recordings of If they leave us, a telenovela that was successfully broadcast in the United States and Mexico. The actor commented: “‘If they leave us’ came to bring me many good things: security, peace of mind that I can continue in a forum, on a stage, and do things as they are, as I like to do them; it begins to give me a personal security, and I start to work with myself, to take therapy, and at the end of the recordings it gives me something sensational and wonderful called Cinthia, for which we begin to carve out a path”.

Cinthia told us what made her fall in love with the actor: “That’s exactly what I told him when he approached me: ‘I don’t care if you’re Alexis Ayala, huh?’ David is with me; the person is with me… We laugh like I think no one has ever seen him, at least not the public… He has become my accomplice, my team and I admire him; for me, admiration is everything. be a jerk, because it drives me and makes me think ‘I want to be like that too, and that he also admire me'”.

Where have we seen it?

Originally from Papantla, Veracruz, her passion is acting and like many celebrities, she began her first steps on Televisa with programs such as ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’, ‘Como dice el dicho’ and ‘This story sounds to me’.

She worked in telenovelas and series such as ‘La Usurpadora’ and ‘Si nos dejan’, where she met her future husband. She also participated in the third season of ‘Las estrellas bailan en Hoy’, where she took fourth place along with Óscar Medellín, with whom she achieved perfect grades for showing off on the dance floor.

He has a body.

Cinthia Aparicio has already shown that she knows how to dance and act, but on social networks she also shows off her silhouette in a bikini…

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