Who is Diego Costa, the new rival and partner of Raúl Jiménez in the Wolves

Diego Costa will be the new Wolves striker for this season (Photo: REUTERS/Cris Mattos) (CRIS MATTOS/)

At the start of the Premier League season, the whole of the Wolverhampton F.C. confirmed the signing of Diego Costawhich will join the offensive of the team commanded by Bruno Lage. It was through social networks that the official accounts of the club shared the arrival of the Brazilian striker.

The news stunned the Wolves supporter public because now Raul Jimenez, Mexican player and usual club starter, will have internal competition to become the starter or fight for more minutes on the pitch. Diego Da Silva Costa signed with the English team until season finale 22/ 2023.

The naturalized Spaniard arrived as free agentthe last club with which he competed was in the Atletico Mineiro of Brazil. Since the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 he was left without a team, so his return to the Premier League generated expectations of what will happen within the concentration of the wolverhampton.

It should be remembered that Jiménez has experienced a series of medical and physical difficulties that have impaired his performance on the pitch. From skull fracture In November 2020 until now, the performance of the American youth squad has been unstable.

Although a year has passed since that event, his return to the courts has been adverse because other ailments have caused Raúl to have problems reconcile with his scoring streaks that he came to possess. He even recently presented a discomfort in his knee, which is why he was absent from training, but it was not a major issue.

For this reason, the coach of the Wolves chose to sign Costa, also to cover the loss of Sasa Kalajdzicforward who also signed with the English team and who suffered a injury in the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.

The signing of Diego Costa will mean internal competition in the Wolves for Raúl Jiménez (Photo: REUTERS/Peter Powell)
The signing of Diego Costa will mean internal competition in the Wolves for Raúl Jiménez (Photo: REUTERS / Peter Powell) (PETER POWELL /)

Who is Diego Costa?

With 33 years of age, Diego da Silva Costa will return to the Premier League. Originally from Brazil he started his career in the league of his country. His first move to European football was thanks to FC Penafiel in the second division of Portugal, later he moved to Sporting de Braga during the 2005-2006 season and from then on he made his way in recognized teams.

In the 2010-2011 preseason he had his approaches with the Atletico Madrid to sign with the colchoneros. After making the negotiations, Costa signed his first season with the Athletic. His debut as a striker for the Spanish club was accompanied by a first trophy because in August 2010 he was proclaimed champion of the European Super Cupin a final against Inter Milan.


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