Who is Dr Kim, the plastic surgeon who impacted TikTok for his disturbing videos

Some doubt that the tiktoker “patients” are the same person, although others have even asked for quotes.


TikToker Dr Kim has become, with his disturbing videos, a clear example of the “double-edged sword” that TikTok has become over the months.

Yes ok TikTok offers an option for influencersactors and singers share videos of their daily lives for their fans, it is also a platform where frauds and fake news They are the order of the day.

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It is increasingly common for people to search on this platform tips or recipes about health and beauty that are not always endorsed by experts; On the other hand, there are tiktokers that have sparked a real controversy, as is the case of the so-called Dr Kim.

Dr Kim’s disturbing videosa supposed Asian plastic surgeon who works real “miracles” with his patients by showing them with extreme rejuvenation After his procedures, they have unleashed criticism among Internet users, although others have even asked him for quotes, Who is behind the so-called Dr Kim and why is he so controversial?


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Identified as Dr. Kim, the user @jiezou16 has aroused such a furor on TikTok that they even had to deactivate the comments andn his controversial videos where he shows the before and after of his patientsgenerally middle-aged Asian women seeking a younger face through cosmetic surgery.

However, Dr. Kim’s fame has reached such a level that the doctor has allegedly already operated on people of other nationalities. He stands out, in particular, the alleged case of a man from Spain who looks unrecognizable, with a completely modified face.


A client from Spain and had a full facelift. He looks 10 years younger than before:) #facelift #plasticsurg #plasticsurgery #bestfacelift #lookyounger #拉皮手術 #minifacelift #lowerfacelift

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The tiktoker highlights that, thanks to his “facial lifting” treatments, Your patients can look up to 10 years younger; However, its results do not convince everyone, and there are many people who claim that everything is a scam and that, Surely, these videos are created with the help of tools Artificial intelligence.


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So far, the TikTok account of the mysterious surgeon, whose address and true identity are unknown, has 160 thousand followers.

His publications have accumulated around 2.6 million likes, as well as more than a million viewsshowing that it enjoys great popularity despite criticism.