Who is Isidora Vives, the protagonist of ‘My secret’ in its 2nd part that will give something to talk about

This Wednesday, November 30, the second part of ‘My Secret’ began, the telenovela produced by Carlos Moreno starring Macarena García, Diego Klein, Isidora Vives and Andrés Baida, a new generation of actors ready to conquer the public.

Isidora Vives plays ‘Natalia Ugarte’. Regarding her character, we know that she is strong and direct, but also spiteful, somewhat self-centered and frivolous. She has a deep wound of rejection and abandonment, which makes her react like a wounded animal at times. As a child, she witnessed the death of her mother and the heartbreak of her father, who doubted her paternity. Natalia harbors in hers being her desire for revenge and wants both her father and her stepmother to pay for having kicked her out of her life when she was just a child.

And it is that ‘My secret’ began on September 12 in the stars, with a plot adapted by Martha Carrillo and Cristina García. But it is essential to know the story that started with an unexpected event that changed the lives of ‘Valeria’ (Macarena García) and ‘Natalia’ (Isidora Vives). Both met in a boarding school in Spain since they were girls and after being inseparable, they suffered a terrible accident. Valeria was the only survivor, but she had to flee and only managed to save Natalia’s documents, so she decided to usurp her identity and return to Mexico.

Valeria ran into Natalia’s terrible stepmother, ‘Fedra’, but she also found love in ‘Mateo’, administrator of the Moncada Hacienda, although at the same time she found comfort in Rodrigo’s tenderness. But Natalia returns. She did not die in the accident and she will come willing to reclaim her identity that was stolen from her and, as revenge, to conquer “Mateo”.

It is Isidora’s stellar launch.

Although we had already seen her in some hits like My Heart Is Yours (2014) and If They Leave Us (2021), My Secret represents her official launch in a starring role.

The young actress, who turned 20 in September 2022, is the antagonist of this story and a key piece for the character of Macarena García to come into action and there is plenty of drama in the second part of ‘My secret’.

We saw Isidora in the series ‘Guerra de likes’, of which she said she was proud and “too happy”.

She has also posed as a model in major magazines such as Cosmopolitan. This 2022 she also participated in the movie ‘Tell me about yourself’, her first appearance on the big screen.

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