Who is Jerry Velázquez, the Mexican actor who declared himself gay on social networks

Jerry Velazquez you have less weight on your chest. Through a long message posted on social media, the Mexican actor and comedian opened up to the public openly declared to be gay.

“I really wanted to say this: I’m gay and it makes me very happy to say it. I had been questioning myself for a long time: why, despite the fact that I have deliberately made it so clear, have I never dared to say the words as they are? Yes why I always felt protected by having the benefit of the doubt“he counted.

Velázquez, who recently premiered the film ‘My mother-in-law hates me’recounted in his publication that he “omitted parts of his life” to avoid feeling bad to others, leading him to become uncomfortable; feel “limited by fear”. He also confessed to being afraid of “losing job opportunities” because of the prejudices that fall on the LGBTQ community.

But, Who is Jerry Velazquez? where have we seen it? And why should we expect his confession to trump any monomania in the industry?

Who is Jerry Velazquez?

Jerry Velazquezborn on March 30, 1990 as Gerardo de Jesús Velázquez Molina, is a actor, singer Y mexican comedian with a long career in dubbing, theater, television and digital projects.

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He debuted in 2007 on the reality television ‘High School Musical: The Selection‘, where he demonstrated his talent for singing and acting. This was followed by a short tour with other members of the Disney show and his first stage musical: ‘Hairspray‘.

Between 2009 and 2013 he worked on other programs Disney Channel What ‘When the bell rings‘ Y ‘violetta‘, in addition to lending his voice in series such as ‘glee‘, ‘Good luck Charlie‘ Y ‘What’s up!‘.

Despite his many credits on the small screen, the real place where Jerry Velazquez has shone is the theater, participating in works of all sizes with successful seasons. His most notable works on stage include the musicals ‘Rent‘, ‘the mad addams‘, ‘you’re good charlie brown‘, ‘As You Want Dog Love Me‘, ‘bule bule‘ Y ‘almost normal‘, Mexican adaptation of the play ‘Next to Normal’, which earned him the Metro Award for Best Supporting Male Performance in a Musical in 2019.

‘With a place’, ‘I fall laughing’ and the consecration of Jerry Velázquez on television

In 2017, Jerry Velazquez participated in the gay-themed series ‘With Place’where he played one of the couples of “Aarón” (Andrés B. Durán), the protagonist of the story.

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His performance in the web series expanded his fan base, who did not hesitate to turn on their televisions to see his work on the telenovela ‘Caer en temptación’next to Silvia Navarro Y Gabriel Soto.

Jerry Velázquez and Michelle Rodriguez on the set of ‘Me caigo de risa’ / Instagram: jerryvelazquez Jerry Velázquez and Salvador Suárez / Instagram: salvador_so

In 2019 he appeared in some videos of the comedy channel ‘back door‘, home to some famous internet skits. Their consecration in comedy It happened years later, when he joined the cast of the hit show ‘I fall over laughing‘ from Televisa.

His latest works include the dubbing of ‘aladdin‘, where he voiced the main character and the animated series ‘Monsters at Work‘. He also appeared in the series’Las Bravas FC‘ from HBO Max and ‘crime lottery‘ from TV Azteca. She recently presented her first film work: the comedy ‘my mother in law hates me‘, starring Itati Cantoral.

Who is Jerry Veláquez’s partner?

According to various portals, Jerry Velazquez has a strong relationship with the director Salvador Suarezwho has just released the movie ‘Navidad en Vivo’.

Jerry Velázquez and Salvador Suárez / Instagram: salvador_so

In fact, both have repeatedly seen on their social networksposing affectionately on trips or sharing professional achievements, such as the recent Metro award that Suárez received for his work on the musical ‘seven times goodbye‘.

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