Who is José Ángel González, Ninel Conde’s third husband

Ninel Conde returns to her old ways after her separation from Larry Ramos.


The news hit fans like a bomb: Everything indicates that Ninel Conde married for the third time after her controversial separation from Larry Ramos, who fled Mexico due to legal conflicts.

As we inform you at TVyNovelasNinel Conde would have fallen into the trap of marriage again after her high-profile divorces with Juan Zepeda and Ari Telch, according to the magazine. People.

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The American media detailed that Ninel Conde she would have married a man who has nothing to do with the world of entertainment in a ceremony that was carried out in total secrecy.

Ninel Conde’s new husband It would be a Venezuelan businessman, and this is everything we know about the gallant.

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José Ángel González Cedeño is the full name of the man who fell in love with Ninel Condeand although many details of his life are not known, little by little these have come to light, especially after the news of the wedding was announced.

José Ángel González is a businessman of Venezuelan origin which, apparently, is dedicated to the customs branch; Likewise, according to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo InfanteNinel Conde’s new husband I would be 17 years younger than her; That is, he is 30 years old while she is 47.

The rumor that Ninel Conde had remarried It had already been circulating for several weeks; However, the actress and singer I had always denied it. However, everything indicates that the couple married in the United States in a simple ceremony.

Until now, Ninel Conde has not officially commented on her new marriagebecause apparently he wants to keep his relationship a total secret.


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