Who is Judith Teresa, the only daughter of the dancer Gina Montes

Gina Montes had a promising career in Mexico that she decided to leave to dedicate herself to her daughter.


The personal life of Gina Montesvedette who became famous in Mexico thanks to the program Ambrosio’s carbinecaught the attention of Internet users after it was confirmed that the famous woman died at the age of 71.

Gina Montes, who was considered a sex symbol in the 70’s and 80’s in Mexico, was especially remembered for his appearances in Ambrosio’s carbine as a dancer and model; However, in 1985 the star of Brazilian origin moved away from the spotlight and was not heard from again until years later.

Now that it’s confirmed Gina’s death This February 5, there have been many people who have wondered if he ever started a family: indeed, The model was married once and had a daughter. In fact, motherhood was the reason why she left the show and went to live in the United States.

Who is Judith Teresa Macías, the only daughter of Gina Montes, and what does she do currently? This is all we know.


Gina Montes became one of the women most desired by the male public in Mexico in the 70’s and 80’sand was even related to Arturo “El Negro” Durazo, former head of the Police and Traffic Department of the then Federal District.

What many did not imagine was that Gina Montes ended up falling in love with Carlos Macías, one of the musicians of Cesar Costa in Ambrosio’s carbine, with whom he traveled to the United States; While in the neighboring country to the north, the star found out that I was pregnant.

Given the danger that a trip represented for Gina Montes, since her pregnancy was high riskthe star and Carlos Macías decided to settle in New York, where the famous woman began a new life away from the spotlight, and leaving millions of viewers wondering why she had left Ambrosio’s carbine so unexpectedly.

Shortly after, Gina Montes separated from her husband due to alleged infidelity and raised her daughter, Judith Teresa, herself.working in all kinds of activities far from entertainment: from cleaning assistant to cook.


Gina Montes worked in various activities to support her daughter.


Currently, Judith Teresa is 37 years old and lives completely away from the entertainment industry, Therefore, further details of his life are unknown.

A few images shared by Gina Montes are the only records we have of Judith, who has been characterized by her reserved behavior; in fact, She didn’t talk about her mother’s death until nine days later..