Who is Liliana Regueiro, the dancer who was mistreated by Gloria Trevi’s ex-manager

Comparison of how Liliana Regueiro looked when she worked with Gloria Trevi and the look they gave to actress Luisa Galindo.


the bioseries by Gloria Trevi “Ella soy yo”, which you can see through ViX+ and that will soon be released through Las Estrellas, offers us a peculiar story that has the authorization and advice of the singer where issues about his professional and private life are addressed, as well as his passage through the so-called “Clan Trevi-Andrade”.

One of the most controversial characters in this story is the dancer Liliana Regueiroone of the victims of Sergio Andrade allegedly accused of the disappearance of the body of little Ana Dalay, daughter of Gloria Trevi, and who, like her companions, suffered all kinds of abuse from Andrade.

Luisa Galindo, a 24-year-old singer and actress, faces one of her biggest challenges in her career when playing this character. JanExclusive interview for this week’s edition of TVyNovelasGalindo spoke to us about his motivations and the challenge involved in working on this production.

If you were left with the doubt of who is the dancer Liliana Regueirohere at TVyNovelas we have some information that might interest you about one of the victims of Sergio Andradewhich now has a new role in the Gloria Trevi bioseries.

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Liliana Regueiro, whose real name was Liliana Soledad Regueiro, is a dancer of Argentine origin who, due to her qualities on stage, became part of the so-called “Trevi-Andrade clan”.. According to statements by the artist, it was “Mary Boquitas” (María Raquenel Portillo) herself who invited her to work with Gloria Trevi.

At that time, Gloria Trevi was already beginning to sweep her presentations and was emerging as one of the stars of the moment; however, what seemed to be a great professional opportunity for Regueiro turned into a real nightmare.

When he became part of Gloria Trevi’s work team, Liliana Regueiro was the victim of both physical and psychological abuse by Sergio Andradewho subjected her to various humiliations both to her and to her companions, including Gloria Trevi.

The name of Liliana Regueiro gained importance after was accused of allegedly disposing of Ana Dalay’s body, the little daughter of Gloria Trevi who died a few days after she was born in 1999; however, this version has never been officially confirmed and are only rumors.

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Currently, after it went through the media hurricane of the Sergio-Andrade clan, Liliana Regueiro preferred to live away from the spotlight, although she remains active on Instagram sharing photos of her and her family; likewise, she does not miss the opportunity to defend the innocence of Gloria Trevand in your posts.