Who is Mayela Laguna, ex-partner of Luis Enrique Guzmán who shook the Pinal family?

Mayela Laguna has already starred in other scandals related to the Pinal family.


The scandal starring Mayela Laguna and Luis Enrique Guzmán reached the courts, where a DNA test confirmed the truth

Mayela Lagoon and its numerous scandals that he has starred with the Pina familyThey have been the subject of several articles, especially after an audio was released in which she assured that she has a compromising video that would affect the entire family of her ex-husband, Luis Enrique Guzmán. Her statements and her lawsuits for the alimony which, according to her, Guzmán owed her for the support of little Apolo, their common child… or so was thought.

A recent DNA test confirmed a delicate truth: the child is not the biological son of Luis Enrique Guzmán, which uncovered a deception that lasted for years and whose result hit even more in the already questioned ethics that Mayela Laguna has had in recent months.

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With all these scandals and the important revelation made by Luis Enrique Guzmán, many people have been left with the question of who Mayela really isWell, there is no doubt that if he lied about something so delicate, he is surely hiding more things. Who is she and what was she doing before the scandal broke out with Silvia Pinal and her family?


Mayela Laguna is currently 39 years old and, until 2014, she was dedicated to photography and sound production. After a scandal in which she was accused of theft of equipment and a millionaire fraud, She was fired from her position and later, to earn an income, she set up a pizzeria with her ex-partner, Luis Enrique Guzman.

After eight years of relationship, Mayela Laguna and Luis Enrique Guzmán separated due to some leaked audios in which she spoke ill of the Pinal family and accused him of machismo: that was only the tip of the iceberg of a series of scandals that involved Silvia Pinal and her children.

Now, Mayela Laguna has already received a letter from the legal team of Luis Enrique Guzmán: will not receive support after it is confirmed that your ex-husband is not the biological father of the child; Likewise, all funds for the education of little Apollo were withdrawn. However, Guzmán assured that he will not stop loving the minor even though he is not his biological son. Where will this end? Only time will know.