Who is Paola Suárez, the member of ‘Las Perdidas’ who was beaten by her boyfriend?

Paola Suárez is known for being part of ‘Las Perdidas’, along with Wendy Guevara and Kimberly the Most Precious.

Paola Suárez has injuries to her ribs and face from the alleged beating her boyfriend gave her.

The entertainment world has been stunned by recent news about one of the members of ‘The losses’: Paola Suárez, close friend of Wendy Guevara and Kimberly ‘The Most Precious’. It turns out that on Wednesday afternoon, through their social networks, they reported that Paolita was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend Jesús Castro Gómez.

In a video shared in a live on instagramGuevara accompanied her friend to the hospital and detailed what happened: “She can’t talk much because all of this (her face) hurts,” has a bruise in the eye and the septum all deviated. “She had surgery,” said the influencer, winner of ‘The House of the Famous‘.

He explained that Paolita had jumped from a second-story balcony to reach her fiancé, who supposedly He was fleeing with his partner’s belongings and money.. When she fell, she hit the bed of the truck and then ran towards the attacker to take her belongings.

Paola Suárez’s boyfriend’s response

Hours later, Paola Suárez’s boyfriend, Joseph of Jesusspoke out to give his version of the events. In front of the media cameras, he said that he is not a fugitive and that he will sue his girlfriend because, according to him, she was the one who attacked him and even threatened him.

“We were both drugged and when she was choking me, I threw her and she fell next to her bed; There’s a lamp, and that’s where she hit her face. Because I didn’t hit him with anything else. And what they say that I threw it is not true, because I was already outside,” explained.

Celebrities and fans ask for justice for Paola Suárez

In a post on Instagram where Paola Suárez shows the injuries in detail, celebrities and fans of the influencer quickly showed up to send messages of support. Recognized stars such as Galilea Montijo, Consuelo Duval, Yeri Mua, Celery Quijano and Paty Cantu They were some of those who showed their solidarity and asked for justice.

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“Very sorry. Nobody deserves something like that. I sincerely hope that whoever did this to you pays for it,” Cantú wrote. Duval, who was recently robbed at his home, He added: “He who hits one hits us all. Strength, you are not alone and jail for the one who hurt you”.

Who is Paola Suárez?

Paola Suárez, known as Paolita in ‘Las Perdidas’, was born in León, Guanajuato. She is recognized as part of the trio of influencers who became famous for a viral video from 2017, where they claimed to be “lost” and abandoned by some men they dated. From there the popular name arose.

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Over the years, the influencer has built a solid career as a content creator alongside Wendy Guevara and Kimberly Irene. At the moment, At 31 years old, the influencer and trans icon has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, one of the social networks in which she is active. Hours before the alleged attack, the influencer and her boyfriend had announced their engagement.