Who is Paul Stanley, the last participant eliminated from ‘The House of Celebrities’?

Paul Stanley left this Sunday from “The House of Famous Mexico” in the midst of controversy.


Yesterday, Sunday, July 9, there were intense moments in the elimination of “The House of Famous Mexico”, with the exit at the end of the conductor Paul Stanleywho lost the battle against the other nominees: Sergio Mayer and Emilio Osorio.

Definitely, paul stanley he leaves us after his departure various moments that he starred in during his stay in “The House of Famous” that they will be remembered by the audience; among them is the reflection that he made with his companions on the 24th anniversary of the murder of his father, Paco Stanley, who recalled the date remembering how the murder affected him deeply; Likewise, the audience experienced one of the saddest moments for Stanley upon learning of the death of his dog “Chester” when he was still participating in the reality show.

The participation of Paul Stanley in “The House of Celebrities” put it back into the public eye; That is why we present you a bit of his trajectory, Who is he and what is he currently doing?


Paul Stanley Durruty, b.The full name of the last one eliminated from the reality show “La casa de los famouses México”, is the son of the mythical presenter Paco Stanley, murdered in 1999. The young man It is the product of a secret relationship that the driver of the “Gallinazo” had with an 18-year-old aide-de-camp.

Because Paco Stanley was still married to Patricia Pedroza, mother of his older children, Paul remained out of the public eye for several years, never officially being part of Paco’s family and many years passed before his father accepted him, something that definitely marked Paul.


About his trajectory, Paul Stanley began to delve into acting from a very young age. You can see his early work on the tapes “The trajinera of terror” and “Urban tribes”. As for the theater, her debut was with the play “I can’t”, where she acted alongside Denisse Padilla, Lorena Enríquez and Claudia Cañedo.

Soap operas is where most of Paul Stanley’s work is concentrated, with participation in “Camaleones”, “I am your owner”, “A refuge for love” and “Love from the neighborhood”, to mention some of the melodramas in which he appears.

Paco Stanley is also television host as was Paco, his father. Between 2014 and 2015 he was one of the co-hosts of “Sábado gigante”; currently you can see him on the programs “Today”, “Tell me now, finally!” and “Love-dids”.