Who is Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen “Warlord” who does Putin’s dirty work in Ukraine?

Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen leader (SPUTNIK /)

If there is someone who has been heavily involved in dirty work during the war in Ukrainethat has been Ramzan Kadyrovthe Chechen military man who has called himself the “Putin’s foot soldier.

Kadyrov is leader of the Chechen Republic and an ally of Vladimir Putin who has threatened to launch a military attack on Poland in retaliation for his strong support for Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the invasion, Putin has ordered Kadyrov to take control of kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and it has even emerged that his main mission was to assassinate President Volodimir Zelensky, according to Ukrainian intelligence and security officials. Likewise, the Chechen has sent thousands of soldiers to the front lines to commit heinous acts against the Ukrainian civilian population.

After the resounding defeats suffered by the kremlin On the battlefield, defeats that were also not in their calculations, Kadyrov’s men have been training defeated Russian troops on the front lines and rooting out suspected spies in the occupied Ukrainian territories, sometimes resorting to the military. tortureaccording to the complaints made by human rights organizations published by the American media The Wall Street Journal.

putin he knows that since the beginning of the war he has counted on dishonest officers, businessmen and actors to deliver what he needs most to sustain his prolonged offensive: money, training and manpower..

Kadyrov has repeatedly used social media to boast about the alleged performance of Chechen fighters against Ukrainian troops and to make other unconfirmed statements about the war in Ukraine.

His troops have been accused of war crimes in Ukraine. It’s known that the leader himself accompanies his soldiers in their maneuversalthough he has denied having participated in any extrajudicial execution.

Chechen forces participated in the siege of Mariupol and were among the occupying forces that killed civilians in kyiv suburbs.

The United States and the European Union have repeatedly accused Kadyrov of human rights abuses.

Dmitry PeskovThe Kremlin spokesman has denied that Putin ordered the Chechen leader to assassinate Zelensky, calling the claim “absolutely absurd, baseless and false.”

Volodimir Zelensky's message after the Russian bombings
Volodimir Zelensky, President of Ukraine

Kadyrov, 46, is struggling to meet Putin’s critical wartime demands, as Russia has suffered from Western sanctions over his invasion, most evidently manifested in an energy crisis.

Kadyrov serves as the Kremlin enforcer on the territory of Chechnya, located in the north of the Russia Caucasus.

For more than two decades, Moscow has sent him billions of dollars so he can rule that nation as a personal fiefdom with his own highly trained private armyaccording to review The Wall Street Journal.

The Russian funding is intended to strengthen Kadyrov’s grip on power in the region predominantly muslimwhere residents and analysts say many hate it.

“Putin’s support and money turned Kadyrov from a zero to a hero, so to speak, but it also made him vulnerable and totally dependent,” Yekaterina Sokirianskaya, an expert on Chechnya, told Wall Street Journal. “That’s at the core of everything he’s doing right now,” she added.

“Kadyrov has accumulated a extreme wealth as a result of his close relationship with Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov’s extravagance includes a home in the United Arab Emirates, a private zoo, expensive private vehicles and a lavish slush fund,” the US Treasury Department wrote in a statement on one occasion.

They also described Kadyrov as “a brutal warlord with reported links to previous cases of torture and murder” and recalled that “Chechen units allied to Kadyrov have operated in buchawhere Russian troops committed atrocities”.

“Kadyrov has recruited for Russia’s war efforts through mixed martial arts clubs, which allows him and his units to continue their activity in Ukraine”according to the Treasury.

The Chechen leader has a direct line to Putininstead of through assistants as is the case with the other governors of Russia, review The Wall Street Journal.

“Putin and Kadyrov regularly talk about the war effort,” say members of Chechen battalions on the front lines.

Kadyrov with Putin
Kadyrov with Putin (SPUTNIK /)

This situation has given him the power to even publicly criticize the Russian Defense Minister.

In an 11-minute voicemail posted on the Telegram messaging app, Kadyrov dismissed the loss of Iziuma critical supply hub.

If today or tomorrow there are no changes in the conduct of the special military operation, I will be forced to go to the country’s leaders to explain the situation on the ground.Kadyrov said.

“I am not a strategist, like the Defense Minister, but mistakes were made. I think they will draw necessary conclusions”said Kadyrov, a former rebel turned Kremlin ally who rules Chechnya, a Russian republic in the Caucasus, with an iron fist and has a paramilitary force at his command.

Moscow’s near-total silence on the defeat – or any explanation for what happened in northeastern Ukraine – sparked significant anger among some pro-war commentators and Russian nationalists on social media.

The swift fall of Izium, in Kharkiv province, was Russia’s worst military defeat since its troops were forced to abandon the Ukrainian capital kyiv last March.

Service members gather in a square during Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov's speech, dedicated to the military conflict in Ukraine, in Grozny, Russia, on February 25, 2022. (REUTERS)
Service members gather in a square during the speech of the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, dedicated to the military conflict in Ukraine, in Grozny, Russia, on February 25, 2022. (REUTERS) (STRINGER /)

Before Putin came to power, Kadyrov was a staunch opponent of the Moscow government. The Chechen and his father Akhmat fought with separatist rebels against the Russians in the first Chechen war in the 1990s before switching sides and joining Moscow in taking control in 2000.

After Kadyrov’s father was killed in a 2004 bombing, Putin summoned Kadyrov, then 27 and wearing a tracksuit, to the Kremlin to show his support. When he turned 30, he took his father’s place as head of Chechnya.

The US sanctioned 22 people as well as two entities on the Treasury Department’s blacklist, including judicial officials in occupied Crimea and members of the Kadyrov family.

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