Who is Ricardo Pérez, Susana Zabaleta’s new boyfriend, 30 years younger than her?

Ricardo Pérez managed to hit Susana Zabaleta while they were working on a common project.


Susana Zabaleta and Ricardo Pérez, from The Cotorrisarevealed everything about their relationship after months of speculation, who is the actress’s new beau?

The confirmation that Susana Zabaleta is in a new relationship generated all kinds of comments and, of course, also criticism, this because The actress is dating a person who is 30 years older than her; However, apparently the age difference was not an impediment.

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It was in one of the editions of the program The Cotorrisawith which Ricardo Pérez obtained fame, that both he and Zabaleta They confirmed that They are dating and the crush would have occurred while they were working on a project together.

Susana Zabaleta recalled, in The Cotorrisathat Their first date was at a wedding that their family also attended.: “Everything was romantic, me next to him, pretend like when I was married. The father, the mother, the children… if we were singing, in fact, the rainbow came out,” the actress recalled.


Ricardo Pérez is a stand-up artist and content creator who has had success on YouTube thanks to the program The Cotorrisa, in which his colleague José Luis Slobotzky also participates; The YouTube channel, so far, has more than 2.4 million subscribers.

Ricardo was born in 1994 in Mexico City, and from a very young age he had a passion for comedy, which made him take his first steps in standup at the age of 20; Thanks to his talent, he participated in programs like StandUnemployed and Comedy Central Presents: StandUp.

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In addition to being a popular comedian and YouTuber, Ricardo Pérez is a successful influencer that says with more than two million followers in your Instagram accountto whom he shares photos and videos of his daily life.

Although Ricardo began studying Marketing in Canada, a knee injury and his true passion for comedy routines made him define his path towards standup; Likewise, he appeared in the television series Laugh Factory, in addition to reality shows LOL and Divine Comedywhere he met his girlfriend, Susana Zabaleta.