Who is Rodrigo Huescas, the jewel of Cruz Azul who shone in the U20 final against Santos

The youth squad Rodrigo Huescas was chosen as the best player in the first leg final between Cruz Azul and Santos sub 20. (Photo: <a class=Twitter / @ CruzAzul)” height=”2731″ src=”https://www.infobae.com/new-resizer/UnMtG4nvLtPuXvtSFdtSySLXWrI=/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/infobae/7K6DZJDBINGVZK5O4SU5ET7S7Q.jpeg” width=”4096″ />
The youth squad Rodrigo Huescas was chosen as the best player in the first leg final between Cruz Azul and Santos sub 20. (Photo: Twitter / @ CruzAzul)

He is able to take the ball from the wing, feint rivals and center or shoot depending on the situation. He has a very great versatility in offense and knows how to attack spaces. His control of the ball allows him to go with the ball glued to the foot and as if that were not enough, he has an angel with the goal. Is about Rodrigo Huescas, the jewel of the Cruz Azul quarry, a footballer from 18 years that he is the undisputed starter with the U-20 team and that today, was the figure in the first leg final against Santos.

For a couple of years, Huescas has been talking about within the cement club. The attacker plays on the left wing but also knows how to step on the area as a forward or midfielder. Despite his youth, he is a player who is not afraid to be the protagonist. He was already champion in the sub 15 category, being the undisputed figure of the team. Today, he fights for the Liga MX under-20 title, where was chosen as the Best Player of the Ida Final.

The Aztec stadium Rodrigo was not too big. On the contrary, he knew how to feel at home and became the most insistent player in the final, as well as the one who showed the greatest drive to reach the rival goal. In the first 90 minutes of the final, the youth registered two assists (The score ended 2-1 in favor of the Machine), two centers completed, four shots and he recovered the ball five times.

Rodrigo Huescas was a top scorer with Cruz Azul sub-15 and champion in that category. (Photo: Twitter / @ CruzAzul)

His ability in the last third of the court has led him to be one of the favorites of the celestial fans. He is not an individual forward looking to shine at every opportunity. On the contrary, Huescas knows how to raise his head and look for the best positioned teammate so that the play ends in a score.

In fact, He already debuted with the first team under the mandate of Juan Reynoso. The first time he was considered was in a match for the Concacaf Champions League, where he entered the exchange and was able to achieve some successful dribbling down the right wing. Similarly, he made his first appearance in the MX League on June 26, 2021, before Mazatlan.

With the new directive of Cruz Azul, it was commented that one of the priorities was to revive the celestial quarry. A player like Rodrigo Huescas can be the ideal footballer to achieve this promise, since he has all the characteristics to take an important position. He began his training in the U-13, he was champion in the U-15, played more than 70 games with the U-17 and now he is indisputable in the U-20.

Rodrigo Huescas has been called up to the Mexican National Team in its lower categories.  (Photo: Twitter / @ CruzAzul)
Rodrigo Huescas has been called up to the Mexican National Team in its lower categories. (Photo: Twitter / @ CruzAzul)

The future looks promising. It has not only been recognized in Cruz Azul. His effort has also led him to be part of some calls of the Mexican National Team in its lower categories. As with La Maquina, Huescas has been part of the Tricolor sub-16, sub-18 and currently the sub-20. Facing a generational change, Rodrigo raises his hand and is noted for his participation on the field.

The last time a player stood out so much in the lower categories of Cruz Azul, he was called up to the first team and even scored a goal in a Mexican soccer semifinal against Pachuca. Is about Santiago Gimenez, one of the leading forwards of La Machine today, who also stands out for his youth, as he is barely 20 years old. Santiago is an example that it is possible to become an important player in the first team, starting from the bottoms.

For now, Rodrigo Huescas is waiting for the final back in the U20 tournament of Liga MX. Cruz Azul will visit Santos Laguna next Sunday, December 5, at 11 in the morning, at the TSM Stadium. The Celestes arrive with a 2-1 advantage, but they have 90 minutes left to make history.


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