Who is Sofía Rivera Torres, the participant who denounced fraud in La Casa de los Famosos México

Sofía Rivera Torres has extensive experience in the artistic field

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After becoming the second expelled from The House of the Famous Mexico, Sofia Rivera Torres30, has been gaining popularity on social media and among viewers who follow the reality show every day.

Sofia used to not be well known for her artistic career, but for her marriage with the conductor and announcer, Eduardo Videgaraywho is 23 years old to the young driver.

The truth is that Sofía started with her career on the E! Television in 2014, she later had a presence in ‘The Release’, produced by Vice Media and it was until 2016 when she joined the Imagen Televisión team, where she is one of the hosts of the program ‘Qué Importa!’.

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In addition to conducting, Sofía Rivera Torres has acted in TV soaps as ‘Cape’‘If they leave us’, ‘Amor bravío’ and the series ‘Without fear of the truth’, to mention a few productions of The stars.

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Sofía Rivera Torres denounces fraud in the House of Famous Mexico

a few weeks ago Sofia Rivera Torres it came out of The House of the Famous Mexicobut gave something to talk about due to his controversial complaints in the finery panel, where he spoke of an alleged voting fraudWell, she said she didn’t think she really supported Sergio Mayer and his hell team.

It all started when, in one of the broadcasts, Diego de Erice announced that Bárbara Torres had taken the position as leader of the sky team and was putting together a strategy to counter their rivals; However, Sofía intervened and assured that Torres’ actions did not make sense.

Sofía Rivera Torres dropped a real bombshell by declaring emphatically that she simply does not believe that the public saved Sergio Mayer so many times, and even accused him of organizing fraud to get votes and stay inside the house; she even pointed him out of using “bots”.

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“It seems very unfair to me to think and to think that it is only because Sergio is a great strategist that everything is working,” said Eduardo Videgaray’s wife.

“Out here we have information that is not known in there and the reality is that Sergio is a cheater, he is fraudulent. We are already seeing that they are competing against farms and farms of contracted ‘bots’ and so you bring a knife to war and these are things that we are already finding out here, they have already been exposed, ”she firmly maintained.