Who is Tarik Othón, the young man with whom Mía Rubín has a relationship?

Tarik Othon is a young bullfighter who little by little makes his way into the world of bullfighting.


Mia Rubinthe beautiful daughter of Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta, generated a furor among her Instagram followers after she published a video on Instagram on May 19 where she the incredible moment in which the Mexican bullfighter Tarik Othon asked her to be his girlfriend is appreciated, proposal that she accepted.

From there, Mía Rubín has not missed the opportunity to upload photographs in which she boasts tender romantic moments with Tarik Othon; even both left vacation together to orlando for the first time. Apparently, both Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín approve of their daughter’s relationship, and even days before the host of “Hoy” uploaded some photos where you can see Othon living with family.

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Are you curious to know more about Tarik Othon?, the boy who conquered the heart of Mía Rubín? Here is some information that may interest you.


Tarik Othon is a young man from Querétaro who is currently 19 years old. From a very young age he was interested in bullfighting and currently works as a bullfighter; that is, he faces a bull while riding a horse.

On his official Instagram profile, the young man demonstrates his passion through various photographs where He is appreciated working in the ring, as well as his love of horses.

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About his love for these animals, Tarik Othon declared in an interview for the YouTube channel “Rovira”: “Everything arises from the horse since I was little, before walking, I was already on top of one. I was riding horseback riding for a long time and suddenly the anguish of continuing to improve ”he explained.

Mia Rubin’s boyfriend He is a true passionate of the brav partyto; We will have to wait and see how this romance that has barely germinated between the two young people ends.