Who is the author of the Memphis massacre: he murdered four people and broadcast it live

This Wednesday the population of Whitehaven in Memphis (Tennessee, United States), was the protagonist of several acts of violence that lasted for several hours and that claimed the lives of at least four people and left three injured.

The attacker was identified as Ezekiel Kelly, 19, and was arrested by the local police. The subject broadcast live through social networks the moment in which he shot a person inside a commercial store.

Kelly, who is in police custody, fired shots in at least eight placessowing panic in the inhabitants of the American city. Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis called the day’s events a “mobile mass shooting.”

After the capture, the investigations showed that Kelly had previously been arrested for first-degree murder.the subject was released this year after serving 11 months of a three-year sentence for aggravated assault, records show.

Kelly, then 17, was arraigned as an adult in February 2020 for attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, using a weapon to commit a dangerous crime and recklessness with a deadly weapon, according to court records. Details of the case were unknown at first.

19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly was arrested after murdering four people in Memphis and broadcasting his crime live on social media (FACEBOOK/ZEEK HUNCHO (BANKBOY.ZE/)

Records showed he had pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced to three years in prison in April 2021. Kelly was released from jail in March, 11 months into his conviction, according to the mayor of Memphis, Jim Strickland.

Kelly crashed her car before being cornered by security. However, the police assured that the attacker changed vehicles several times during the more than eight hours that the shooting lasted. On the other hand, the security forces of the town of Southaven, south of Memphis, said that Kelly is suspected of having stolen a motor vehicle at a gas station.

The 19-year-old attacker was finally arrested around 9:00 p.m. (local time) in the neighborhood of whitehavenpolice spokeswoman Karen Rudolph said.

The AutoZone business location in Memphis where a person was killed by Kelly while broadcasting live

Memphis Police Director Cerelyn “CJ” Davis said the shooting began at 12:56 p.m. Wednesday and continued until 8:30 p.m.

There were at least eight crime scenes: the seven shootings and a carjacking in SouthavenDavis reported. Kelly was taken into custody when he crashed during a carjacking chase in the south Memphis neighborhood.

That was about two hours after police issued an alert about a man in a light blue Infiniti vehicle they said was responsible for multiple shootings in the city. Police say he later shot a woman and took her gray Toyota truck, which he abandoned while stealing a Dodger Challenger in Southaven. The assailant recorded his actions on Facebook, according to police.

While the shots sowed terror in the city, bus service was suspended and a downtown stadium where a minor league baseball game was being held was closed. Scared friends and family wrote to each other to check on the status of their loved ones. Television stations cut regular programming to keep viewers in the loop.

The area where Kelly was arrested is located about 18 kilometers from the University of Memphis and 12 miles from Rhodes.


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